Why Us

We are offering a range of surgical and non-surgical services which are designed to improve the way you look and the way you feel about yourself and to increase your confidence and self-esteem

Our doctor and the supporting staff have a wealth of experience in treating the men and women who wants to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Our doctor ensures that your every need is met to full extent. We will patiently listen to know exactly what do you want and not rush or exert pressure on you to make any decisions. We won’t offer you anything other than your requirement.


We sensitise your decision that’s why, everyone is treated in a friendly, professional and scientific manner. All appointments, consultations and procedure are conducted with the strictest confidentiality and professionally as the first priority.


When you have a first interaction with us during the consultation.

This is a very thorough process in which we listen patiently your need and your requirement to get the best possible advice to improve you.

We discuss the most appropriate cosmetic procedures for you which can be medical or surgical Will be shown a range of photographs of patients of similar procedures to assess and understand your expectation and your need.

Will help you understand the procedure ,duration , the science behind it , side effect and its possible results.

We operate in line with all new advances in technology and changes to Indian and international standards.


We make utmost care to ensure your safety so we conduct a preoperative medical examination check up to ensure your that you are fit for the cosmetic procedure .we are committed to you for total care, comfort and successful outcome.

Our Surgeons And Staff


Dr Prashant Yadav (M.S., M.Ch)

He is an Indian board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon.

Aiming towards bringing all the available state of the art technology, equipment and advancement in the world to the public.

Have undertaken the training programs for performing cosmetic surgery.

Trained and have exposure to all the latest and advanced technique, procedure and products available in the world and choosing the best amongst them to offer you.

Regularly doing these procedures with excellent outcome.

All procedure are done to ensure extraordinary safety and best possible outcome according to your need.

Our anesthetists have expertise and experience, particularly in cosmetic procedures.

Our staff will do every possible effort to make you comfortable, relaxed and get best possible care.