Penis Enlargement Surgery

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Anatomy of Penis

There are usually two states penis is found at they are erected or flaccid. The resting state or say the normal state, and the erect state is when the penis is in firm position or alert state due to excitement or shock, etc.

The length of erect penile has always been a cause of concern for men all over the world. The average penile erect is somewhere between 5-6 inches, and men are just not satisfied with it, if they had an option to enlarge it they would have get it done in no time. While it not easy to get your desired size still men wish for it desperately isn’t it? It has been seen the average erect length is 5-6 inches and the erected girth or say circumference is 4.5 to 5.5 inches.

Penis Enlargement Procedure

There is still a bright hope for getting a better size, with penile enlargement surgery, it’s a cosmetic surgery designed in a way to increase both the length and the girth size of the penis. The best solution to all those men facing insecurity about their penis’ size and this leading to low self esteem, this can be the biggest cause of depression and stress due to sexual dearth.

Natural treatment for penis enlargement

These dont work, only definite treatment is surgical

Internet has always been flooded with advertisements promising giving you the promise of naturally increasing your penis’ size like- pumps, natural home remedies, massage techniques, homeopathy, and etc. they are actually of no  use as there is no scientific support these treatments have got so  far. If you are tired of these fake promising ads and want to alter the size and shape of your penis is possible with only surgical procedure there is no other way out there.

Who is the best suited candidate for this??

The best candidates for this are men with smaller than average penis size and those who feel their size is not what they desire for this leads to low self esteem and sexual dearth is felt by them are the perfect candidates for penile augmentation surgery.

Surgical procedure of penis enlargement

There are two options

Penile Lengthening

Penile Girth Enlargement

After going through all the possible ways and making your mind for going under penis enlargement surgery then keep in mind there are two options available for you extending the length and girth both at same time. The whole procedure is a day care procedure and takesaround  2 hours, depending on whether you are opting for both or either of the procedures.

Penile Lengthening

First local anesthesia and sedation is given to  numb the area and to avoid any pain or discomfort during the surgery.

Next step in the surgery is to give in length enlargement ,a small incision is made just above the base of the penis and the ligament suspending it running from the pubic bone to the top of the pens is cut. Instantly you’ll notice penis dropping forward 1-2 inches though the actual gain depends from person to person. The extension is covered with flap of skin taken from pubic bone area, and the ligament is reattached lower down. Mostly dissolvable stitches are used both internal cuts, while for normal stitches which are required to be remove  after a couple of days. On the other part to extend the girth size fat transfer is used, called Liposuction fat is obtained from thighs or abdomen.

Either or both the procedure can be opted at the same time depending on your requirement.