Gynecomastia & Body Building


The anabolic steroids taken by body builders can result in gynaecomastia and it’s very commonly taken by them. We cannot predict the outcome of taking steroids in gym goers. It’s not necessary that the every individual who uses steroids will develop gynaecomastia. But if anyone having some symptoms of enlarged breast are definitely more likely to have gynaecomastia in latter stage.

When used by body builder for performance enhancing, the anabolic steroid gets converted into compounds like estrogen. This conversion will cause increase in the estrogen level as compared to the testosterone which act on breast tissue and result in enlargement of the breast tissues after this enlarged tissue is formed, even after stoppage of the steroids, the original shape of the breast never return back if steroids are consumed over a longer period of time, it gradually keep on adding the fat and tissue resulting in increasing the severity of gynaecomastia.

There are numerous drugs available in the market which claims to cure gynaecomastia. These are false claims and there is no scientific basis of these unrealistic claims by these drug providers. Till now there is no other effective treatment other than the gynaecomastia surgery.Gyne Before After male breast reduction