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What Does a Breast Lift and Augmentation Together Entail?

The breasts of a woman lose their elasticity as they get older. The lost elasticity can lead to sagginess and droopiness in your breast. Breast sagginess can also be caused by sudden change in your weight like massive weight gain or weight loss. Breast lift with breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure where breasts are raised and reshaped in order to make them look much more appealing and the implants are also placed in your breast to increase the natural size of your breast. Implants on their own can not solve your issue of sagging breast and if you want to resolve this issue then you have to opt for breast lift procedure as well. This combined procedure can help you in lifting your breast and at the same time adding a cup size to them.

Who should opt for Breast Lift and Augmentation Together ?

Following people should opt for this procedure-

What is the procedure of breast lift with augmentation?

This procedure involves two main surgeries that are breast lift also known as mastopexy and breast augmentation. These two procedures can be performed together and on their own as well. This is the procedure of these two surgeries when they are performed in combination.

How to recover from your breast augmentation and lift procedure?

What results should you expect from your breast lift and augmentation procedure?

After your procedure you can expect improved breast shape and position, increased fullness and enhanced symmetry. It will take some time for the swelling to become normal. You can expect the desired outcomes once the initial swelling subsides.

Are the results from breast lift and augmentation procedures permanent?

Yes the results from this procedure are permanent. You might need to get your implants changed in 10 to 15 years but it is not mandatory for everyone.To maintain your results from the procedure, you need to maintain an optimum healthy weight.

Are the results from breast lift and augmentation procedures permanent?

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