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Breast Augmentation Breast Implant

Dr Prashant Yadav the Director of the clinic and the Chief Operating Surgeon is a renowned and reputed cosmetic surgeon of International class with practical, authentic and extensive experience and proficiency in this thrilling field.

Breast Augmentation Breast Implant

Breast augmentation (also known as augmentation mammoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world.
It is the procedure in which breast which are small in size can be enlarged and also to improve and shape of the breasts in one surgical procedure. Breast augmentation surgery can be a means to increase the size of small breasts to make you feel more feminine. The implants mainly silicon or saline filled implants are placed in the breast either in front of chest wall or behind the muscles of chest to enhance the size of breast.

Reasons For Breast Implant

It is done mainly to enhance the beauty and getting the shape you were always dreaming of. More and more Indian women nowadays getting the benefit of this safe procedure
It can help many women to be more satisfied with their appearance and femininity. The most common complaint is dissatisfaction with breast size and shape. Many women want to increase the size of their breasts. This desire is very widespread among women of every age, race and body type.
Some women are predisposed to small breasts. During puberty, these women do not develop large amounts of breast tissue. Although small breasts are common, and they are functionally sound (able to produce milk), some women prefer to have more volume in their breast shape and size, because they feel more attractive and clothes fit better.
There are also women who have larger breasts, but seek breast surgery to add shape to their breasts after pregnancy and breast feeding. Breast shape and size will decrease and change after having children and breastfeeding, leaving the breast tissue deflated, less firm and saggy. Breast augmentation can help restore the breasts and make them look more perky, youthful and attractive.
In addition, some women simply lose breast mass with time. This can sometimes happen when a woman loses a large amount of weight. It can also be a function of age. As women enter menopause and the post-menopausal period, hormonal and other changes can result in a loss of breast fullness.
Finally, women who have physical deformities of the breasts, such as uneven breasts or different size breasts, have this surgery as a corrective procedure. And in other cases, reconstructive breast surgery is necessary after cancer. If one or both breasts were removed, they can be replaced with this procedure. Reconstructive surgery can be elective or medically necessary, and require breast implants to restore breast tissue.

How To Find The Right Size

We will help you in selecting the appropriate size of implant which will fit in your body proportions so you look absolute perfect and natural


Inframammary Placement

Breast Implants – Breast Implants Cosmetic Surgery at Low Cost in India | Dezire Clinic IndiaThe most common breast augmentation technique is the inframammary technique, which inserts the implant in the fold where the breast meets the chest wall. This breast augmentation technique leaves no visible scars, but it can leave slightly more visible or thicker scars than other breast augmentation techniques.
The inframammary breast augmentation technique gives the breast augmentation surgeon maximum access for precise dissection and placement of an implant.
A major benefit of the inframammary option is that women of childbearing age experience less difficulty breastfeeding after breast augmentation because neither the glandular tissue nor innervation is affected

Periareolar Placement

Breast Implants (Small & large) In India – Dezire Clinic is the best clinic for Breast Implants Plastic Surgery with Inframammary, Periareolar, Transaxillary, Transumbilical at low cost & Price. We have clinics in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai and Hyderabad.The scar from a periareolar incision-the colored circle of skin around the nipple-is virtually invisible, as it blends well with the natural pigment and change in skin color. In addition to being the most easily concealed incision, the periareolar option has several other benefits: It allows the surgeon to place implants under the muscle or under the glandular tissue, as with inframammary incisions (under the breast). Surgeons like periareolar incisions because they give the greatest degree of precision because of the proximity to the treatment site.

Transaxillary Technique

The transaxillary breast augmentation technique requires placement of an incision in the extreme upper, outer region of the breast near the juncture of the arm to the torso (arm pit), which minimizes visible scarring. The incision is generally invisible even with the arm raised, but it is more likely to produce asymmetry of the inferior breast implant position. Subsequent revisions of transaxillary-placed breast implants usually require inframammary or periareolar incisions.

Transumbilical Technique

As all precautions are taken care to avoid these complications, these are very rare risks during this procedure. Patients are generally able to return to work within 3 days after the operation. Most people are completely back to normal within a week


Hematoma is a collection of blood inside a body cavity. A seroma is a collection of the watery portion of the blood (in this case, around the implant or around the incision). Swelling, pain and bruising may result. t.most of the time the body absorbs small hematomas and seromas, large onesvery rarely will require the aspiration of fluid and after that it get resolved


Rarest complication as all sterile precautions taken before and during the procedure


They can rupture by trauma or intense physical manipulation, although very rare

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture occurs when the scar tissue or capsule that normally forms around the implant tightens and squeezes the implant. Capsular contracture is more common following infection, hematoma and seroma. It is also more common with sub-glandular placement (behind the mammary gland and on top of the chest muscle). Symptoms range from firmness and discomfort to severe pain, distorted shape, palpability of the implant and/or movement of the implant.


Slight discomfort occur for 1 or 2 days which will be controlled by oral pain killers

Changes in Nipple and Breast Sensation

Some nipple sensation loss might also be experienced, but that is relatively rare. Typically, nipple sensation will be restored as the body heals. This process might take time, so be patient

Recovery after Breast Implant

Breast Augmentation With Fat Grafting

Breast augmentation via fat grafting is a breast enhancement procedure that uses the body’s own fat to enlarge the breasts. This method of breast augmentation uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat from another part of the body, such as the thighs, buttocks or abdomen. The fat is then used to create larger breasts that look and feel natural.


A main benefit of breast augmentation via fat grafting is foreign material is inserted into your breasts. And because this procedure uses tissues similar to the tissues that make up the breast, it’s possible to form a breast that feels natural and creates a natural silhouette.
Breast augmentation via fat grafting can result in an added benefit: a trimmer body. Liposuction removes excess fat from areas of the body that have not responded well to diet and exercise. For a breast augmentation procedure, this fat is then used to enhance the breasts.

Other reasons to choose a fat grafting technique include


This procedure involves three steps

The fat are first removed from the area decided upon beforehand. Often this is the buttocks, abdomen or thighs-common areas that contain excess fat and can be slimmed and toned by the removal of fat.


The growth in popularity of breast augmentation via fat transfer is due in part to advances in liposuction technology. Liposuction has gained wide popularity because of improvements in technology and cost. It’s now a safe and common cosmetic procedure that helps patients improve their appearances and self-confidence. For this procedure, a cannula, or thin tube, is used to suck out the fat. Next, the doctor processes the fat using techniques designed to preserve the fat and ensure a high percentage of fat survives the injection.
Finally, the doctor injects the fat into the breast through very small incisions. The doctor may inject small amounts of fat into different parts of the breast to create a full, natural look. In fact, one benefit of a fat grafting technique is that the doctor can inject fat into specific parts of the breast that require shaping. After the fat is injected, it might take several months before the results are visible, but you should see some results right away.

Risks And Complications

Women choose to have breast augmentation via fat grafting for a variety of reasons, including


It is a day care procedure performed under general anesthesia. The procedure involves making an incision either underneath the breast, just above the crease, around the lower edge of the areola and an implant is inserted in the pocket in the breast
No stay is required you may go home the same day of the procedure
You can resume your work after 2 days of the surgery.
You will have enlarged breast with better shape just immediately after the surgery. For the final result it takes time of about 3-4 weeks in which the all swelling and bruising will disappear
You may resume your normal exercise routine 3 weeks after the surgery but avoid lifting very heavy weights for about a month
The scar will be in hidden under the breast crease which will be of very small size and that too improve in appearance over a period of time
There are no major side effects other than the swelling, bruising and very rarely some alteration in nipple sensation.
Rest of 1-2 days is recommended. Do not raise arms above shoulder level and avoid sleeping on the belly. Sleep with your head elevated for at least 2 weeks after the surgery and do not sleep on your belly. Ensure that the suture line is clean and dry. Avoid exercise or strenuous activities for 3 to 4 weeks.
Either silicon or saline implant is recommended and size will be selected according to your n preference of size, your body frame, mass and current status of breast tissue during the consultation

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