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Liposuction cost

When we look ourselves in the mirror sometimes it happens that we get disturbed from the extra fatty layers present on our different body parts. In some cases it happens that rigorous exercise and dieting are not at all easy to reduce. There is one procedure which effectively reduces the fat deposited in our different body parts such as abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, love handles, upper arm etc.

How liposuction surgery is done?

Liposuction surgery is only done for make the appearance of body beautiful it has no health benefits. This technique is best suitable for people who have got good skin tone and elasticity. Liposuction is usually done for removing the stubborn and resistant fat deposits and to give a natural and perfect shape to the body parts.

Steps of liposuction surgery:-

  • Anesthesia- Liposuction can either be done under local or general anaesthesia under sedation. Your doctor will recommend you the best choice for your aesthesia.
  • Incision- Very small incisions are needed in case of liposuction and after that a hollow tube or cannula is being inserted for loosening all the dense fat by controlled back and forth motion of the cannula.
  • Tumscent infiltration- With the help of metal cannula tumescent solution is infiltered and then it is being connected to drain pipes for collecting emulsified fat
  • Fat aspiration- VASER probe is inserted into the treatment area which transmits sound energy for breaking, liquefying and melting the fat while preserving the surrounding tissues. VASER also removes the smaller deposits of fat which are present near the surrounding tissues.

Liposuction surgery cost

Cost of liposuction surgery depends on various factors. You will come to know the cost of your liposuction during with consultation with doctor. You will be explained completely about the entire procedure and the total cost of the procedure. These are the following factors on which cost of liposuction depends:

  • Amount of extra fat which is present on your on the on the concerned area.
  • Age, Weight and Height
  • Number of Body Part to Be Treated.
  • Number of Session Required.
  • Associated Medical Condition
  • If any other procedure has to be performed with it or not
  • The body area where liposuction is done such as if it is done on some complicated areas like chin, buccal fat it will be more costly
  • Liposuction technique used such as VASER 4D HiDef Liposuction or traditional liposuction

Get Liposuction treatment with our expert surgeon Dr. Prashant Yadav is an Indian Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon as well as member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India and Pune Association of Plastic Surgeons.  He is dedicated in providing the highest quality cosmetic surgery in a friendly, private setting at an affordable price. They are also very thorough in their consultations and enjoy the one-on-one relationships they develop with their patients. For more information call us on +91 9222122122.

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