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Laser Gynecomastia surgery in Surat | Manboobs Surgery | Dezire Clinic

Are you looking for Laser Gynecomastia surgery in Surat?

Gynecomastia is a condition that occurs because of various causes like hormonal changes, underlying medical condition or obesity. In this condition an unusual growth of breast tissues occurs in the male chest. This can occur to one or both the chest. This swelling or growth can look like female breasts. Gynecomastia mostly occurs in men as they age but nowadays even teenagers and young men are also getting affected by this condition. This condition is usually harmless but it can cause severe troll on a person’s mental health due to feeling of embarrassment and social anxiety.

What can be the potential reason behind male breast issue?

  • Increased estrogen level
  • Malnutrition
  • Decrease is testosterone level
  • Injury in the testicles
  • Getting medications for prostate cancer
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Weight gain

What are the benefits of getting laser Gynecomastia surgery?

  • Totally painless and scar less procedure.
  • Immediate on table results.
  • No more embarrassment.
  • Confidence to wear your favorite outfits.
  • No visible mark of surgery.
  • Gives a naturally masculine looking contour to the chest.
  • Requires less time for recovery

What is the procedure of laser male breast removal surgery?

  • Before your surgery, you will be checked for the nature and grade of your Gynecomastia.
  • You will be given local or general anesthesia as per your grade and weight before your surgery so that you will not feel any discomfort in your surgery.
  • In this surgery laser assisted technique is used to get rid of the enlarged breast tissues. These laser rays will help in destroying the fatty tissues and tightening of the skin around your chest.
  • A small cut is made around your nipple and through that an instruments that looks like a wand gets inserted in the chest.
  • Laser works by generating heat that melts the fat in the chest area.
  • Melted fat is removed with a cannula.
  • Tissues in the glands also get removed through the same incision that was made earlier.

What is the aftercare required after undergoing this surgery?

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking for few days as they can create complication in your surgery.
  • You should wear a compression garment to avoid the issue of swelling and bruising.
  • Do not consume a heavy meal for few days post your surgery. Eat light and nutrient rich foods.
  • You should not take painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen because they can create an issue with blood clotting post your surgery.
  • Ask your surgeon for the painkiller medications that you can take.

What results can you expect after your male breast removal surgery?

The results of this surgery will be immediate and you will be able to see a significant difference just after the surgery. It can take time for the swelling post-surgery to subside and you might have to wait for some time for this swelling to go away and give your desired results.

Why choose dezire clinic for your Gynecomastia procedure?

Looking for cosmetic treatment in Surat, Manboobs Surgery in Surat, Dezire clinic has been in the field of cosmetic and surgical procedure for years now. We use the latest technology available in the market to give you a high class services. Dezire is known for maintaining an impeccable level of hygiene for a safe experience of our clients. We maintain confidentiality in our works to ensure that you will have a comfortable experience with us. You can call us on 9717470550 or you can email us at ( to book your free consultation. Contact us on this address:  M/7, dental plus,  Jolley square, Ram chawk, Ghod dod road, Near st Xaviers school, Surat 395001

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