BioFUE Hair Transplant

What is Bio FUE Hair Transplant?

Bio FUE technique combines the FUE technique of hair transplant along with Bio technique in which special growth factors are added to increase the survival, growth rate thereby giving more yield of transplanted hair and the entire process is then sped up.

Bio-FUE at Dezire clinic Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Gurgaon in India utilizes your own proteins to heal the donor site faster, yield hair sooner and thicker and increase the density of non-transplanted hairs.

Bio FUE is a Biotechnology procedure done at Dezire Clinic, India in which FUE hair transplant technique is combined with Bio stimulation of extracted grafts which helps in increasing the survival, growth rate, yield of transplanted hairs and speeding up the healing process to give a undetectable appearance after the hair transplant.

Natural Undetectable Results:

The main goal of hair transplant is to create a natural hairline in the shortest amount of time preferably only one session. Bio hair transplant helps in achieving this goal easily.

One more goal is that the donor site becomes undetectable. The human body heals with a scar regardless if the donor hair follicles are taken by FUE or FUT. The faster the healing, lesser will  be the scarring. Using the BIOFUE technique, patient’s own  are used to speed up the healing process and thereby making the scarring minimal or almost undetectable.

TECHNIQUE of BIO FUE treatment

Step 1:

From you blood are infused into the FUE donor site for rapid healing and to promote the growth of transacted hair. It will give an almost scarless healing of the donor site.

Step 2:

All follicular units are then bathed in your growth factor (protein) rich culture medium to death and help increase the yield of transplanted follicular units.

Step 3:

Finally the enriched are injected into the transplanted area to promote faster healing, rapid hair growth of the transplanted hair and also to improve the quality and aesthetic density of your existing non-transplanted hair.

Advantages of  hair growth therapy or Bio FUE:

  • This procedure uses no scalpel so incisions and because of the Biotechnology used the healing is very fast leading to almost no scarring.
  • Faster recovery
  • No linear scar like in strip hair transplant
  • Denser and fuller hair as a end result.

Cost of BioFUE Hair transplant

The cost of Biofue hair transplant depends on the existing grade of baldness, density required, and number of graft to be transplanted. To know the cost of biofue hair transplant , kindly schedule your free consultation with our expert hair transplant surgeons. Kindly mail or Call Us on +91 9222122122 for appointment with our hair transplant specialist doctors at one of our locations in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon in India.