Dermoid Cyst Removal

A Dermoid cyst is a sac-like growth which can occur anywhere on/in the body. It is in an encapsulated form &may constitute of fluid, skin tissues, hair follicles& fat. It has been found to be congenital i.e present at birth. These cysts grow very slowly and have been reported to be benign.

Common Location:-They normally occur on the face, inside the skull, on the lower back or in the ovaries.

Common Symptoms:- A dermoid cyst appears like a small lump under the skin. Skin over the lump is movable. It could be bluish in color or maybe skin colored.

Causes:-A dermoid cyst is formed when there is an entanglement of skin/skin structures which happens before birth during the development of fetus. Thus these cysts are said to be present at the time of birth.

Diagnosis of a Dermoid cyst:- A doctor/surgeon can diagnose a dermoid cyst via physical examination.

When to consult a surgeon/doctor?

If the dermoid cyst gets ruptured, inflamed, causes pain or if there is sudden rapid growth with change in the cyst’s colour, then medical attention should be sought. Often Dermot cyst occurs on those parts of the body which could be socially embarrassing. Hence it needs to be treated appropriately.

Home/natural remedy for a Dermoid cyst:- Home/natural remedies are not effective. Trying to remove the cyst at home could result in infections, septic & complications. Even after removal of the cyst at home, there are high chances of a recurrence if it is not completely removed.

Surgical Procedure to remove a Dermoid cyst?

Surgical removal of a cyst involves a minor surgery. The area around the cyst is cleaned & local anaesthesia is administered. The incision is made directly on the cyst & it is completely removed taking care that there is no part of cyst or its residue remaining at the infected site. Later the area is properly cleaned & the incision is closed. This clinical precision makes sure that there is no recurrence.

Surgery Duration:-The surgery could be completed in 1 – 2 hours depending on the location of the cyst.

Recovery time:-One can resume a regular desk job at the office within 2-3 days. Activities which put the region where the cyst was treated under stress need to be avoided in the first week after the surgery.

Scar:- There is a single incision made to remove the dermoid cyst. The procedure is completed with the minimally invasive technique hence there could be minimal scarring initially which subsides with the passage of time.

Side effects?

There are no major side effects reported barring the usual bruising, redness and a mild pain just after the surgery, which is trivial & very usual. These effects subside within a couple of days. The wound is dressed up, antibiotics, ointments are provided to fast-track the healing process.