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Lipoma Removal

Dr Prashant Yadav the Director of the clinic and the Chief Operating Surgeon is a renowned and reputed cosmetic surgeon of International class with practical, authentic and extensive experience and proficiency in this thrilling field.

What is a Lipoma?

Lipoma is made up of fat cells, which is basically a lump or mass on the skin. Sometimes this lump is misidentified by others as something malignant but in fact it’s a benign, noncancerous, slow-growing tumor. These growths may occur in different parts of the body and the possibility of multiple growths is to be expected. Lipomas are moveable even with just from a slight touch or pressure. People of all ages are prone to lipoma formation, but are common in middle age. In reality lipoma is noncancerous and slow growing which can occur in different parts of body and it is possible that it can multiply. A slight touch or pressure is strong enough for moving of lipoma, lipoma is most commonly seen in middle age individual.

What are the causes of lipoma?

There is no real reason for the occurrence of lipoma. There are lot of factor which can increase the occurrence of lipoma such as if there is an injury to the body part, it is possible that lipoma can developed in the area. Other reasons for lipoma is heredity, Gardener symptoms, multiple lipomatosis. These are Injury to any part of the body may cause development of lipoma in that area. Heredity – Lipoma is believed to run in families.
In conditions of Gardner syndrome and hereditary, multiple lipomatosis triggers the development of multiple lipomas.

What are the symptoms of lipoma?

Lipomas are not noticed till they become large. Usually lipomas are small in size but in some case they can also grow big. Their consistency is soft and doughy and can be easily moved when only small finger pressure is applied. Sometimes they are also painful when their size increases and they put pressure on the surrounding nerves and only a mild finger pressure is enough to move the lipoma.

Lipoma often goes unnoticed until it gets large enough to become visible. Symptoms of lipoma are many. These consist of

What are the types of lipomas?

On the basis of their availability under microscope, different types of lipomas are


This is associated with the endocrine sweat glands.


This is the most common type and consists of mature white fat.


This is made up of brown fat.


This is made up of fat and fibrous tissue.


This type largely consists of blood vessels and fat tissues.


This is made up of fat and those tissues that make blood vessels.

Spindle cell lipoma

Cells that are rod shaped. Such type of lipoma is seen in the elderly population; men being the most affected group.

Intradermal spindle cell lipoma

Such type is seen most commonly in women.

Pleomorphic lipoma

These are of different shapes and sizes.

Atypical lipoma

This is made up of deeper fat with large number of cells.

Neural lipoma

Made up of fibro – fatty tissue.

Lipomas Treatment

Only liposuction is effective enough for removing lipomas. With the new addition in technology the advancement of world most advance and recent technique has added the advantage in removing lipomas. Lipoma removal is done mostly done under local anaesthesia with sedation. First a small puncture hole is made in the hidden areas and tumescent solution is infiltered to reduce pain and swelling. Vaser probe is inserted for loosening of the dense fat and also for breaking its covering, a hollow cannula is inserted at a high negative pressure for removing all the contents of fat. The length of cannula is very long for removing all fat contents. Many lipomas can be removed with the help of small puncture as length of cannula is very long.

What is the advantage of VASER liposuction in removing multiple lipomas?

What are the side effects of this procedure?

No permanent side effects are seen in this procedure, only minimum side effects are there in this procedure such as pain, swelling and bruises which will be there for some days. For 7 days these medicines are to be taken.

Lipoma Removal Cost

The lipoma removal cost in India depends on the size number and location of lipoma. During your personalized consultation, the estimated total cost of your procedure will be given.

Frequently Asked Question

A Lipoma is basically a benign growth composed of fat tissues that can develop anywhere in the body. Lipoma grows just beneath the layer of the skin and it is the most common form of soft tissue tumor
It is non – cancerous in nature and usually causes no harm to the body. These can be removed by the process of excision if they grow in size or gets painful. Chances of lipomas turning cancerous are very little.
Scarring is not significant with breast liposuction due to the tiny incisions made. These small nicks heal in a short period with undetectable scar which continue to fade over a period of time.

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