Celebrities and Their New Hair


All over the world, there are a few men and women, we always look up to, because they have achieved so much in life. This is most visible in the world of entertainment and sports, because these men and women, catapult us to a world that we might not be able to see every day. National and international sporting stars not only give us a reason to cheer for your own country, but also for hard work and talent. Similarly, stars of the big as well as small screen allow us to dream about worlds that might not even exist in reality.

However, we need to realize that even celebrities are human beings and often undergo the same type of problems that we go through, including hair loss. But given that their appearance plays a great role in their success, these celebrities will try to cover up their baldness, as soon as possible and as effectively as possible too. While many celebrities have tried to keep their hair transplants under wraps, there are many who have spoken about it openly and some have even advertised the places, where they have gotten their procedures done.

Celebrities around the world like Salman Khan have brought more attention to hair transplant procedures in recent years, because of the high profile lifestyles and photographic histories these figures have displayed very openly to the public over an extended period of time.

In a manner similar to how the celebrity’s decisions to undergo plastic surgery is evident based on how differently they look structurally before-and-after, hair restoration can be exceedingly obvious depending on how much work was done and how strongly it reverses the trend established by pictures and videos preceding it.

In the case of Khan, pictures dating back to 2002 show the Bollywood star already showing signs of a receding hairline. The trend continued in successive photos, to the point where Khan shaved his head entirely, a common technique employed by aging men to hide their hair loss, as an alternative to buying tacky toupe. There is even a photo circa the mid-2000’s of the back of the star’s head that displays a long surgical scar, a giveaway sign that a strip procedure was used to move a line of his hair from the back to the forehead.

Bollywood’s macho man and Dabangg star Salman Khan has got his hair transplanted many years back when he stared getting bald and the baldness began happening speedily on his head. Since the actor was in demand, he knew his career had still long way to go he chose to go for hair transplant. Reportedly he went to Dubai for the hair transplant procedure to be done. His transplant was done brilliantly and the result you can see – the hair style looks eye-catchy and stylish. Today he is rated as the super dashing star with big stardom.

Commonly known within the restoration field as a Follicular Unit Transplant, which progressively transfers hair from regions of the scalp where it is most likely to grow back, to areas where the most hair loss or hair receding has occurred. Khan appears to have gone through several waves of these transfers, such that by 2013 recent photos show a re-lowered hairline and the return of a full head of front hair. It’s even possible that Salman integrated some synthetic hair in with the natural follicles to create that full look.

To conduct a more detailed breakdown as to what kind of procedures went into this kind of transformation, we have to start at the beginning. Typically, a hair restoration or transplant is conducted under local anesthesia. Each session involves a suturing of the scalp and one or more places, but is done in such a manner that the scar is unnoticeable. The hair attached to the skin may have originally come from the same person (usually moved from the back of the head to the front), or from those of another person (similar hair and skin that was removed and stored for use by the receiving client).

This grafting process is completed as needed until the client has a full head of hair restored in the target area of their scalp. The transplanted skin and hair in time connects to the native skin, and hair covers whatever scarring remains from the procedure. The main target population for this procedure includes people, like Salman Khan, who are in the image business or media, and therefore can both afford and would have an occupational need to enhance their appearance. Other persons opting for this process would be individuals (both male and female) who desire to offset an unflattering appearance of premature aging that is often given off by premature hair loss. Surprisingly, the severe loss of hair is a more significant issue for many women, and may even affect their self esteem.

A Japanese skin specialist named Dr. Okuda originally outlined (in a medical paper) a grafting procedure for re-assembling a youthful hairline in the 1930s. The concept were experimented with by Western dermatologists and physicians such as Dr. Norman Orentreich, who is able to demonstrate replanted hair and skin samples from different parts of the head could be moved to the balding areas without losing their “bald resistant” qualities – in short, hair could be transplanted to the problem area, yet still continue to grow.

Over the decades, these techniques became more refined, to better identify the best hair samples to transplant or extract, and to better hide or offset any scarring. Salman Khan appears to have had a very refined surgical procedure done to ensure his hair looks as natural as possible. Ideally, the hair work is not only in moving follicles over to the new location, but in yielding a hairline that resumes normal growth, with no reemergence of the original problem (a receding hairline, or a trend towards balding). The client is usually encouraged to perform maintenance of the restored scalp to ensure healthy hair function.

A nasty surprise may await Khan, or anybody else considering these grafting procedures, if they failed to follow up with health maintenance of their hair. A new hairline is not necessarily, if the original hairline receded due to hormonal changes set by a high stress lifestyle, or family and genetic history. The relocated hair follicles and functioning skin cells still integrate into the same bloodstream containing those hormones or genetic factors, so if the root cause of the original hair loss is not treated, the new hairs can still fall out.

Presumably, celebrities and models contemplating the procedure should be apprised of these issues by specialist performing the transplant. They should also be made aware of anti-hair loss products currently on the market that will provide the optimal support system for maintaining the hair they have (or have reinstalled). From medications such as Propecia and Minoxidil, to healthy dieting, to massaging the scalp to ensure maximum circulation continues to the hair follicles, client should be guided into performing all effective means of maintaining the hairline they’ve spent money to restore. Of course, if you’re a celebrity with money to burn, you can just keep performing surgery.

In the case of Mr. Khan, gossip has it that he spent Rs. 50,000 each three months to perform the grafting work on his head, from both cells from his own scalp and from others. It is not clear whether he is performing additional options, such as using supplements or anti-hair loss drugs, to keep the hair he has surgically installed. It is also months clear whether in addition to all this, Khan also opted to get hair weaving done, to give his hair and extra impression of thickness.

The irony is that scalp micropigmentation may have provided Salman with a better solution. It’s not like he has never shaved his head, in fact he has worn the shaven look in several of his Bollywood roles, therefore scalp micropigmentation would have offered an alternative without the complications he experienced after his various hair transplant procedures.

Salman Khans hair transplant surgery is one of the most high profile celebrity hair loss stories of all time. Why? Because as one of Bollywoods most famous actors, Salman Khan is one of the worlds biggest celebrities

Since Salmans hair transplant in April 2007, people all over the world have speculated who the doctor was that has performed the work on Salman Khan, however despite many rumours, nobody seems to know for sure. The procedure was certainly performed in Dubai by an American surgeon. He went there multiple times for several phases of his surgery.

Dr.Antonio Armani or another dr from Dubai .The latest news is that now he is getting small procedures to improve his hairline and density from top clinic in Beverly hills.

There are also rumours that some nylon hair is woven into his ‘real’ transplanted hair to make his hair look a little thicker, possibly due to insufficient donor body hair. It is likely that Salman rejected the idea of transplanting hair from elsewhere on his scalp, to avoid the possibility of further visual scarring.

Salmans hair transplant in 2007 follows a botched hair transplant in 2003, performed in America. He had to shave his head to cover up the less than impressive results, therefore his latest transplant was no doubt to rectify the problem.

Between the period beginning 2007 to 2013, Salman Khan made many trips to Dubai, where the hair transplant was done on him in stages. It is believed that synthetic fiber was woven into his scalp as Salman did not want natural hair (for some reasons, best known to him). The doctor did achieve perfection this time, as Salman’s hair look real and natural. But his scalp bears the scars from multiple hair restoration procedures which may never heal. Also but withstanding the fact that the introduction of synthetic hair will continue to inflict further damage, unless removed.

But Salman Khan is Salman Khan, he is rich and famous. He has all the money in the world to spend on plastic/cosmetic surgeons. Millions of rupees remain invested in his movies, so it was his compulsion to undergo such a painful procedure, and he did, only to fall into the trap of a novice surgeon. I don’t even want to blame him, as cosmetic surgeries are shady domains. It is difficult to know about reputations of cosmetic surgeons before they actually perform a procedure on you.

People like you and I who are commoners, at times feel desired to look better and get tempted to visit a cosmetic surgeon. But there is much to be learned from this incident. Salman Khan had the money to choose the best surgeon, but ended up with a botched up hair transplant, so what chance do commoners like us have of finding a decent cosmetic surgeon, considering our meager financial resources? Maybe not even 1 in a 100, so the next time you are tempted to go for a cosmetic surgery, think about this story. Trust me, external beauty is not everything. Be happy with what god gave you and avoid going under the knife.

What Causes Hair Fall in Celebrities?

Male celebrities are no stranger to hair fall. Although they eat healthy food and do workouts and many other things to be active, good looking and healthier, but they cannot stay away from the hair fall at all. There are many causes which make their hair start falling. Excessive workouts in gym are the big problem. As they have to look young with maintained muscular body, they are required to spend long hours in gym. This is the major cause for the hair loss in male celebrities. Other big problem is the hectic work schedules. Due to constantly work for long hours, they become the victim to hair fall. Stress and sleep disorders are other main factors which cause the hair loss in celebrities.

Using chemicals on hair constantly too is the cause of hair falling. Besides when they show heat to their hair like through hair drying, they stumble upon falling of hair.

In this piece of writing, you will learn about those Bollywood males who have got their hair transplants in order to stay in the industry. Read on and enjoy the article.

Salman Khan (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

Born on December 27, 1965 Salman Khan is the son of the legendary writer Salim Khan, who penned many super-hits in the yesteryear’s like Sholay, Deewar, and Don. Salman started his acting carrier in 1988 by doing a supporting role in the movie “Biwi Ho ToAisi”. The following year he came up with his leading role in the box office romantic hit Maine PyarKiya (1989). From there he became the heart throb of Indian cinema.

Once upon a time, some of these alpha males had their crowning glory in all its glory; they were the bold and the beautiful! Sadly, however, things changed!

Their crowning glory was not as glorious as it used to be, and soon they become the ‘bald’ and the beautiful!

Well, this is the usual case of hair today, gone tomorrow! In retrospect, as more and more men became prone to hair loss, hair transplant surgeries, on the other hand, became more rampant. We bring you a list of 7 celebrities who went for such expensive hair transplant surgeries to salvage their receding hairline.

Sourav Ganguly (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

The former captain of the Indian Cricket Team has been always known for his unkempt and messy hair. However, that did not deter Sourav to take matter into his hands when he first started developing an easily noticeable bald spot in the middle of his head in early 2000’s. He immediately turned for a hair transplant procedure, which worked rather well for him, for we don’t seem to notice the patch anymore.

The stress of being the Indian cricket team captain took a toll on Ganguly and his unkempt and messy hair began balding right in the middle of his head. The Prince of Kolkata immediately resorted to hair transplant.

David Beckham (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

The former British footballer had been having hair problems for over a decade. But, he dealt with it quite well with his unusual hairstyles to cover up the dwindling volume of hair. His hairstyles have included cornrows, faux-hawk and buzz crew cuts until he got a really unusual but brilliant idea. He got his singer-model wife, Victoria Beckham’s hair woven on his scalp! After all, marriage is all about being supportive starting from the ‘hair’-root level.

Shane Warne (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

The Procedure is performed by best cosmetic surgeons. We have clinics in Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Chennai.

The ever boisterous, wily spinner, Shane Warne’s hair loss has always been public, and so have been several hair transplants. Compare the Shane Warne from the time of his retirement from international cricket, and the one you saw in the recent Indian Premiere League. A full head of blond, wispy spikes is definitely a breath of fresh ‘hair’ for Warne!
The crafty Shane Warne’s hair loss was never a secret, and so have been his hair transplants. The Australian leg-spin bowler’s hair graft not only got him Liz Hurley as his sweetheart but also encouraged men all over the world to ditch their hideous toupees.

boisterous, wily spinner, Shane Warne’s hair loss has always been public, and so have been several hair transplants. Compare the Shane Warne from the time of his retirement from international cricket, and the one you saw in the recent Indian Premiere League. A full head of blond, wispy spikes is definitely a breath of fresh ‘hair’ for Warne!

The crafty Shane Warne’s hair loss was never a secret, and so have been his hair transplants. The Australian leg-spin bowler’s hair graft not only got him Liz Hurley as his sweetheart but also encouraged men all over the world to ditch their hideous toupees.

Govinda (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

There was a time last year when Govinda was an absentee on the silver screen and was hibernating in his real life, too. This was because he did not want his mop of fresh hair to get damaged as he had undergone a hair transplant surgery after taking the expert advice ofSalman Khan – who himself has had this transplant. This only goes to prove that even older guys can achieve good results.

Himesh Reshammiya (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

Himesh Reshammiya, famous for his caps and songs, apparently had a reason to hide his head under those trademarked caps. What his fans mistook for a fashion statement actually was his way of shunning from light his balding head. However, as his popularity grew, he realised that a hair transplant is the only option he had left. Now he fears nothing and doesn’t shy away from showing off those luscious strands of hair.

Virender Sehwag (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

Gone are the days when Virender’s game was as bad on field as his looks. he is now not only back playing amazingly well but also his fuller hair after intensive transplants is also making him popular among the girls too.
There are a number of celebrities that opted for hair transplant as a method to deal with hair loss as it is not only hassle free but also gives amazing and results. It not only gives them a full head but also gives them the confidence they need to do what they do.

As per his press conference he had in 2009 to disclose his hair transplant he informed that he needed three surgeries to get good results but he never did again.sehwag hair transplant was one of the turning point in hair transplant surgeries in India as he was one of the celebrities who disclosed first publicly his transplant. That was also the end of the era for invasive strip surgeries. That was also the end of the era when people use to rush to Dubai for hair transplant.

Amit Mishra (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

Amit Mishra the famous leg spinner of the Indian cricket team underwent his hair transplant .Its interesting to see someone able to play live cricket without cap with full head of hair after hair transplant.Unlike the photos of celebrities or bollywood stars who always wear makeup and hair fiber to hide their baldness after hair transplant amit mishra’s hair were actually real and free from any makeup and camouflage.He is now part of test series and we wish him all the luck.Few of his before and after photos of real high density hair transplant.

Gautam Gambhir (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

Gautam Gambhir born 14 October 1981, in Delhi is an Indian opening batsman. He has been a member of the Indian national cricket team since 2003 (ODIs) and 2004 (Tests). Gambhir had been a prolific run-scorer in domestic cricket with an average of over 50 but his two successive double-hundreds in 2002. He is also the only Indian, and one of only four international cricketers, to have scored five hundreds in five consecutive test matches. On July 2009, for a period of ten days he was the number one ranked batsman in ICC.

Why doesn’t AB de Villiers get hair transplantation like Jacques Kallis?

It has got a lot to do with the nature and psyche of the two players. If you have noticed, AB de Villiers is a player who wants to get the work done in whatever way possible. He bats not to look classy but to get optimum results. Thus, he is called “Mr. 360 degree” for his amazing ability and mindset of scoring in every nook and corners of the ground. He prefers substance over style, maybe that’s why he doesn’t give a hoot about his hair loss. He doesn’t care about personal records, he doesn’t care about his appearance, all he wants is a
win. A complete team man!

Cricket is a gentleman’s game alright, but people like him have brought a completely new dimension to the game. Not that we are complaining!

Kapil Sharma (Celebrities Hair Transplant)

Kapil Sharma, the comedian-singer-producer and host of India’s no.1 comedy show, Comedy Nights With Kapil, has most probably got a hair transplant.