Reduction of the Mons Pubis

Reduction of the Mons Pubis at Dezire Clinic Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore

Reduction of the Mons Pubis at Dezire Clinic Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore

Having a bulging, puffy mons pubis can be a reason for women to feel not so comfortable or good about their bodies. Also with the clothing styles which are revealing, women can feel more self-conscious about how their pubic area will appear through the clothing. The example can be wearing swimsuit or tight fitting clothing.

The reason for fat and bulging mons pubis can be congenital or due to excessive  weight gain or even abdominoplasty or liposuction of the abdomen. When the abdomen gets flatter due to abdominoplasty the pubic area looks puffy and sticks out. Fortunately, it can be treated via liposuction to improve its shape and size.

Using VASER liposuction technique, the mons pubis can be made flatter and more appealing. It is important that the skin still has elasticity on the pubic area. Otherwise the skin will become loose and will hang over the mons pubis. In case of loose skin, a monsplasty or pubic lift is recommended. Excess skin and fat are  removed in this procedure, reducing the bulging mons pubis and lifting it as well.

Are You A Candidate for Mons Liposuction?

An ideal candidate for mons pubis reduction has:

  • Unwanted fullness or protruding of the mons.
  • Focal overhanging the mons area.
  • Excess skin of the mons.
  • Excess drooping of the mons.

You should also be in good health, and have good skin elasticity.

Mons Pubis reduction surgery

VASER Liposuction is a better alternative than traditional liposuction. The reasons being, it combines the liposuction with ultrasound technology, designed especially for re-shaping the body. This Innovative treatment spills fats and preserves other tissues such as nerves and blood vessels.As a result smoother contour and an enhanced appearance is seen in patients. The other tremendous benefit is skin tightening. The ultrasonic energy transferred to the tissues causes skin tightening to occur in the months after surgery. If you have loose skin, then the Vaser may in fact be the answer for you.


Liposuction of mons pubis can be done alone or can be combined with liposuction of abdomen or with a tummy tuck procedure. It is highly recommended to combine the mons pubis reduction with tummy tuck procedures as this will not add a lot of time to the tummy tuck procedure and recovery time is almost the same as tummy tuck.

The procedure is similar to the liposuction done for other body parts.This procedure uses 2 concealed incisions which are very small. The tumescent solution is infiltrated in the marked area and then with the help of cannula attached to the negative pressure vacuum machine the excess fat is aspirated. The entire procedure will be completed in 20- 40 minutes.

The swelling will start receding after one month but to start seeing the result, it will be another 2-4 months.

Since the incisions are small and concealed, there is hardly any scarring.

Side Effect / Risks / Complication

The temporary side effect which lasts for around 10 days include bruising, swelling and discomfort

Care After The Procedure or mons pubis liposuction recovery

You have to take the prescribed antibiotics and painkiller for 5 days that will take care of the pain. The swelling starts to subside after 10 days then gradually you will notice improvement in the shape. You have to wear a compression garment for 1-2 months. Follow up visit will be after 7 days.


What is the Mons Pubis?

The mons pubis is the lower bulge on a woman’s body. It is a fatty area covering the pubic region. For some reason the mons pubis can become bulged and disproportionately large and can make the woman conscious wearing tight fitting clothing.

Although weight gain is an important factor in mons pubis enlargement, it is not always related to behavior. In addition, the mons pubis can become enlarged with pregnancy and aging, hormones. The gravity plays it’s part in making the mons saggy.

Mons Pubis Reduction with Mons Pubis Liposuction Procedure

If the skin is mildly to moderately stretchy and there is only excess fat, we recommend mons pubis liposuction. If the skin is severely stretched, the skin of the pubis can be reduced through a small “bikini line” incision right at the junction of the pubis and the abdomen.

What to Expect During the Recovery Period

Post-operatively, a compression garment will be worn around the lower waist area to help reduce the swelling and promote skin retraction, which can take six weeks or more to subside. It is normal for the incisions to ooze and drain fluid for first 24 hrs.

What is the mons pubis reduction cost?

The cost for mons pubis reduction will differ from patient to patient and it depends upon the amount of work that is required to be done. Get in touch with one of our clinics located at Pune, Delhi, Bangalore or Gurgaon. On your personalized consultation with Dr Prashant Yadav, he will discuss your particular case and the best way to treat it and also give you the exact cost of the procedure.