Stay For International Patients

We regularly receive treatment/surgery requests from clients who stay abroad or in different cities of India. We try our level best & go a step further in making sure that our clients, especially those who are coming from other cities or abroad are spared the hassle of looking for staying facilities close to the clinic in a city/country which they could be visiting for the first time in their life, when they come to us for treatments/surgeries.

Dezire Clinic’s endeavour is to take complete care of you & your needs. The individuals who are going to have a surgery should feel relaxed & should be spared the botheration of having to make arrangements for stay/travel just after the surgery. Hence for individuals who have been flying down for treatments from abroad & different parts of India, contemporarily wedo have arrangements for staying in at our Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune centers.

  • At Delhi center of Dezire Clinic, we have Hotel Mint in the same building along with lot of hotels offering decent facilities nearby.
  • At Gurgaon centre of Dezire Clinic, we have in-house stay facility along with multiple hotels close by where you may put up.
  • At Pune we have Hotel Sun & Sand, Deccan Rendezvous & Hotel president which are very close by apart from other alternatives.

You don’t need to worry about overnight stay if you have a flight/train that you need to catch the day after your surgery. Even if it is a major surgery or a surgery which requires the individual to stay under close observation overnight or for a couple of days after the surgery, you can stay at these centers listed above. You don’t need to worry about finding a hotel close to the clinic. You can choose any of the Hotels listed above in Pune, stay at Hotel Mint in Delhi or use the in-house stay facility at Gurgaon if you are visiting Dezire clinic centers situated in any of these 3 cities.

The Delhi center of Dezire Clinic which is situated at Safdarjung Enclave, is around 30 minutes driving time from Indira Gandhi International Airport(Delhi Airport). You can easily get a cab from either the airport to the clinic or vice versa. You can undergo your treatment at the clinic & the clinic’s staff will help/escort you to your room if needed after your surgery is completed. As Hotel Mint is within the same building as the clinic; the need to travel just after the surgery is completely eliminated. The New Delhi Railway station is around 35 minutes driving time from Dezire Clinic’s Delhi Centre. Prepaid taxies are easily available at the Airport as well as the railway station.

The Gurgaon Centre of Dezire Clinic has in-house stay facilities for people who wish to or need to stay overnight after the surgery. It is easy to reach Dezire clinic’s Gurgaon centre via train or flight. It requires around half an hour via Netaji Subhash marg to reach the clinic from the IGI(Indira Gandhi International)airport. Thus Gurgaon Clinic is easily accessible via rail/air or roadways.

The Pune Centre of Dezire Clinic is around 35 minutes from Pune Airport via the Airport road or Sangamwadi road. It takes less than half an hour from the Pune Railway station to reach the clinic via the Shivaji nagar Road or the Jangali maharaj road. Hotel Deccan Rendezvous, Hotel President both are less than 10 minutes driving time from the clinic.