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FUE Hair Transplant

We at Dezire Aesthetics are renowned for hair restoration and make thousands of people happy nationwide. That is how we present ourselves, yes. after accumulating a combined 15+ years of expertise and a nearly 100% success rate in hair restoration therapy. We take great pride in claiming that our clinic is one of the best clinics in the world in this field.

Why The Dezire clinic is the best clinic for your FUE hair transplant?

Thanks to one significant development, outcomes of hair transplants today can seem natural. The majority of surgeons now transplant a handful of healthy hairs at a time. Patients no longer experience the artificial doll-like hair that was prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s. In past, thinning areas were covered with chunks of hair known as hair plugs. The hair plugs used to look artificial, quite obviously. Enhancements to the hairline and placement of the hairs in the thinning regions also aid in producing outcomes that seem more natural. Because of these developments, the results can appear so natural that no one would be able to differentiate between your transplanted hairs and natural hairs.

Who should opt for an FUE hair transplant?

This method is suitable for a variety of people experiencing hair loss, including-

What is the procedure for FUE hair transplant at the dezire clinic?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant procedure that involves extracting hair follicles from a donor area (usually the back of the head) and transplanting them to the recipient area (where hair loss has occurred). These are the various steps involved in the procedure-
Consultation: The first step in the FUE hair transplant procedure is a consultation with our Expert medical counselors or qualified hair transplant surgeon. During this consultation, our surgeon will evaluate your hair loss and recommend the best course of action and he will also discuss the FUE procedure in detail, including the risks, benefits, and expected results.
Preparation: On the day of the procedure, the patient’s hair is trimmed short to make it easier for our surgeon to access the donor area. The patient is then given local anesthesia to numb the donor and recipient areas.
Donor hair extraction: A small punch tool is used to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area. The follicles are extracted one at a time, and the incisions are small and circular, leaving minimal scarring.
Recipient area preparation: Once enough donor hair has been harvested, the small incisions will be created in the recipient area, where the transplanted hair follicles will be placed.
Hair follicle transplantation: Using a specialized tool, our surgeon carefully places each hair follicle into the recipient area, taking care to ensure that the angle and direction of the hair growth match the patient’s natural hair pattern.

What precautions need to be taken after an FUE hair transplant?

After an FUE hair transplant procedure, it is important to take the following precautions to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results:

Why the dezire clinic is the best option when it comes to FUE hair transplants?

Our clinic is the best option for FUE hair transplant because of our experienced team of skilled and certified surgeons, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment to delivering outstanding results. We provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs, and we use the latest techniques to ensure a comfortable and efficient procedure. Our clinic also offers competitive pricing and excellent aftercare support to ensure a seamless and successful recovery. Trust us to help you restore your hair and confidence. To schedule your free consultation, contact us by phone at 9717470550 or by email at

What is the success rate of hair transplants at dezire clinic?

We ensure to give you lifetime results and ensure your issue gets resolved. Our physicians use the safest procedure and USFDA-approved equipment to ensure the results you desire. The hair transplant at dezire clinic is a completely safe and painless procedure that promises to give you long-term results without causing any side effects.

List of Hair Transplant Procedures done at Dezire Clinic

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is performed for male and female pattern baldness treatment as a day care procedure under local anesthesia. You will be discharged on the same day after the procedure is completed..,Read more about Hair Transplant

Beard Hair Transplant

Beard and Facial Hair Transplant – Hair restoration to Goatee, Mustache, Beard and Sideburns – Facial hair transplantation is a commonly performed procedure in which scalp hairs are transplanted to facial regions lacking density and fullness beard transplant is the procedure that involves transplanting hair.,Read more about Beard Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

An eyebrow hair transplant often has astonishing positive effects on the appearance and charisma of a person. It is bewildering that only a few grafts can lead to a markedly improvement..,Read more about Eyebrow Transplant

Crown Hair Restoration

The crown, also known as the vertex, is a area of scalp that can require hair transplantation either in alone or in combination with other part of the scalp. Read more about Crown Hair Restoration

MAX FUE Hair Transplant

The best hair transplant technique for hair transplant procedure involves one by one extraction of follicular units or grafts ( bunch of hair with roots ) from the scalp donor area which is located at back and both side of scalp ..,Read more about MAX FUE Hair Transplant

Hairline Advancement

The hairline advancement/lowering procedure can lower the overly high hairline whether due to hair loss, or prior surgery such as brow lifts. Most commonly it is performed on women, where the high forehead can be shortened..,Read more about Hairline Advancement

Front Hairline Transplant

The hairline is often the most visible part of the completed hair transplant. Hairline requirements, however, differ from patient to patient. Some patients want a relatively low and dense hairline..,Read more about Front Hairline Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

At Dezire Clinic, we recognize women suffering with hair loss require a different approach than men when considering hair and eyebrow restoration. Compared to men, hair loss in women manifests in different patterns, generally is more diffuse, and can occur at any age..,Read more about Female Hair Transplant

BioFUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a procedure where individual follicular units are taken from the donor area on the back of the scalp with the help of automated FUE machine ..Read more about BioFUE Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant

The use of Hair treatment for treatment of baldness and hair loss in both female and male in combination with fue hair transplant has following benefits.Read more about Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

The body to scalp hair transplant is the procedure in which body hairs are taken from the abundant donor hair present on beard, chest etc for transplant to the scalp. This is done by scarless FUE technique as day care procedure..Read more about Body Hair Transplant

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We are firm believer of transparency. With us you get what you see

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