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Excessively huge and plump lips may show up out of extent with other facial highlights and can meddle with eating, drinking and talking. People that have enormous lips may feel unsure about their appearance. In the event that you feel that your lips are too large,you would now be able to diminish your lip size by getting lip reduction surgery.

Lip reduction surgery can for all time diminish lip size and make your lips proportionate with your eyes, nose and rest of your face. Lip reduction surgery is conceivable to be performed alone or it very well may be acted in mix with other facial restorative plastic surgery systems, for example, jaw expansion, jaw increase or rhinoplasty.

Lip Reduction Candidates

Candidates for lip reduction surgery include

  • Patients that have normally large lips.
  • Individuals who have had messed up lip augmentations with bothersome outcomes from an excessive amount of silicone
  • Patients ought to be healthy, and not smoke cigarettes for a month when medical procedure.
  • Certain hereditary/races who are brought into the world with thick – excessively ethnic lips.
  • Individuals who are brought into the world with inborn deformities, for example, cleft lip
  • Accident or burn injury cases that mended with overabundance tissues, for example, lumps and bumps that need to be corrected.

Excessively huge lips can influence every day schedule propensities, for example, eating, talking, performing great dental cleanliness and others.  Often, youngsters and grown-ups with jutting lips are the object of prodding and criticism which can add to poor fearlessness. Lip decrease is conceivable as both upper lip reduction or lower lip reduction.

Lip Reduction Surgery

abhishek lip reduction surgery Delhi, Pune, Bangalore

Abhishek lip reduction surgery Delhi, Pune, Bangalore

Lip Reduction Risks

Despite the fact that lip reduction surgery is very protected there are some symptoms of surgery that may happen  incorporate agony, growing, wounding, and redness in the treatment territory. These reactions are commonly extremely mellow and for the most part disperse inside a couple of long periods of surgery. There may be some progressively genuine dangers for patients that have lip reduction surgery which  incorporate a disease or an unfavorably susceptible response to the sedation that is utilized during surgery.

Since the entry points are taken inside the mouth, eating might be trying from the start. Eating nourishments with high corrosive substance can disturb your injuries so  keep away from nourishments, for example, oranges and tomatoes. It is ideal to have delicate, pureed nourishments quickly following your lip reduction surgery. You might be recommended a sterile mouthwash wash for the duration of the day to help forestall contamination. On the off chance that indications like unreasonable agony, redness or discharge around the entry point locales occur, they might be indications of contamination. On the off chance that these happen, reach us right away.

Your sutures will no doubt be evacuated in seven days to 10 days following surgery, by which time the greater part of your swelling to have died down.

Some additional risks or side effects that can occur are:

  • Numbness (usually temporary)
  • Lumps and excess scar tissue in lips

Lip Reduction Surgery Recovery Time

Directly after the surgery, your lips may feel sore and tight. During the following scarcely any days, you may feel some mellow to direct agony. We will furnish you with painkillers that can deal with the torment. Utilizing ice packs can help with constraining agony and growing. Much of the time, dissolvable sutures are utilized, so join don’t should be evacuated sometime in the not too distant future. You can come back to work inside seven days of surgery. Best outcomes are seen at around a few months after surgery.

Lip reduction surgery price

Cost for your lip reduction surgery varies from patient to patient. It depends upon the amount of work that needs to be done. Please make an appointment at one of our clinics located at Pune, Bangalore, Delhi or Gurgaon. On your visit with the best lip reduction surgeon, Dr Yadav, he will discuss with you all aspects of your surgery and give you the exact cost of your treatment.