Armpit Fat Removal (Bra Bulge Removal Surgery) AXILLARY ACCESSORY BREAST TISSUE REMOVAL

Breast tissue can develop in locations other than those that we are normally aware of! A lot of females develop axillary breast tissues. Axilla means armpit. Thus accessory breast tissue or axillary breast tissue development of fat in the underarm region is a condition in which there is the presence of breast tissue or breast tissue along with fat. Armpit Fat Removal, Bra Bulge Removal Surgery, Axillary accessory breast tissue removal .

Location- It is mostly found in the axilla. It is present besides the normal breast tissue or near/under the armpit(axilla). It may show up anywhere around the milk line, including the face, posterior neckline, chest, middle of the back region up to the lateral thighs.

Causes – It is mostly Mothers could be having it & they pass it on to their daughters. Hence even young school going girls are seen with axillary breast tissue. It could also be developed due to weight gain or hormonal changes during pregnancy or lactation. During pregnancy axillary breast tissue, if present, become very prominent

Impact – Females love to wear sleeveless or open sleeves outfits, especially during summers. Aesthetically it may not be a very pleasing sight if someone having accessory breast tissue puts on a sleeveless. A small ball of fat or pendulous fat hanging from the armpit if the fat accumulated is more or the tissue is oversized is not a very pleasant sight. Majority of the females who opt for a correction do it for cosmetic reasons, to enhance their beauty & self-confidence.

Home/Natural Remedies are not effective. They are not known to eliminate the accessory breast tissue in the armpit.

Remedy – Having a breast tissue removal surgery is the only remedy for this condition.Vaser Liposuction with Excision is the technique which is used to correct it.

Procedure – Liposuction is a minimally invasive, minor surgery. It involves administering local/general anaesthesia. A small incision is made in the armpit area(approx. 3mm). The tumescent liquid is injected. A thin metal tube(cannula) is inserted through the incision. The movement of the cannula in the axilla region breaks the interlocking of the fat& converts it into a liquid state. The liquefied fat is sucked out. The accessory breast tissue is removed & the incision is closed.

After surgery – The skin in the axillary region may be loose for approximately 1 month after the surgery. Thereafter the skin contracts & the individual gets a very natural look. Now you can move around in sleeveless outfits flaunting those waxed, polished shoulders & arms.

Scars- Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery & involves only 1 very small incision. This incision also is made in the armpit region at a place which will not be normally visible or will remain covered by brassieres. The minimal scarring also subsides with the passage of time.