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Why Skin is excised after Axillary breast tissue surgery?

Cosmetic procedures which can shape, Improve, Modify the aesthetics of a human being are getting popular as the time passes by because of increasing awareness among people whether it is men or women the percentage of the people moving towards cosmetic surgeries is on a rise and the fat of the body is one of the component which they just want to get rid of by hook or crook and that’s where liposuction technique play its key role in helping them getting rid of that unwanted fat, Women who exercised hard to get rid of the armpit or axillary fat feels frustrated when it doesn’t shed of and downgrades the contours of the physical body.

Here at Dezire clinic DR. Prashant Yadav safely and precisely use the VASER liposuction technique to get rid of the unwanted armpit fat and if required then skin excision will be done carefully. Before answering why the skin excision is done lets deep dive into various dimensions of this procedure.

What is axillary or armpit fat?

  • The armpit fat can occur to any gender but it is most common in women as the breast tissue expands itself beyond its actual position.
  • When the breast tissue is at the axilla it is now known as armpit fat which looks awkward as it hangs from the outline of the bra making it looks like an extra skin.

Procedure followed to remove Axillary fat:

The procedure followed at Dezire clinic is as mentioned here in steps:

  • First, proper markings is being done on the area which is to be treated and then anesthesia is provided either general or local based on the treatment required to be done.
  • Now, small incisions are made around the arm and now the tumescent liquid is injected and a cannula is inserted and move back and forth to break the interlocking of the fat.
  • Now, the fat is removed and then excess breast tissue is excised.

Why skin is excised after the surgery?

If a lot of skin sagginess is there even after the removal of fat then the skin excision is needed to give good contours to the area of the armpit and at Dezire clinic this procedure is carefully done and at the end sutures were placed to flatten the surface.

Post-Surgery precautions:

  • Wearing compression garment after the surgery.
  • Do proper exercise after some weeks
  • Don’t put stress on the body just after the surgery.

WHY choose Dezire clinic?

IF you are someone who is irritated with your axillary fat that always won’t let you wear sleeveless dresses and it causes pain and bruising and searching for the best treatment in India regarding axillary fat removal then YOU should book an appointment at Dezire clinic because Dr. Prashant Yadav who is an experienced and Renowned surgeon with an experience of over a decade can help you get rid of this armpit fat with ease, Dezire clinic is located at four different cities in India Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, and Bangalore. CALL US now at (9717470550) or you can ping us an email at (

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