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When to Go for Hair Transplant

While many think that hair fall should be done as soon as possible whenever thinning of hair occurs. It is not that easy. There are various factors involved in making sure that your hair is actually thinning before you go for hair transplant procedures. There are various type and degrees of thinning and baldness also it is a natural part of the ageing process. If you are sure that there is a good part of thinning in your hair or see clear balding taking place then it is time to get some professional advice. Natural hair transplant surgeries are good choices and they ensure hair re growth.

Check your scalp properly

See if your hair fullness or density has dramatically decreased or the subtleness of your hair has changed. That will enable you to know that hair fall is taking place. This can happen at any age. Many people experience it at a young age while many experience it during their middle age. However it is better to act quickly since the sooner you do the surgery the better hair quantity will be available to work with.

Look for genetic patterns

If you are going for natural hair transplant surgeries at an early age like the begging of your twenties, it can be a decision you wish to reconsider. While it is good to go at the begging stages people in this age group may consider hair loss and thinning even post surgery. This needs to be considered. Look through the male members of your family and check if there is a genetic hair loss pattern. By doing this you will get a rough idea of what kind of hair fall patterns you should expect at different stages of your life.

Go for reputed clinics

Never go for hair transplant surgery at shady places. Always go for clinics which have a good reputation and a proper clientele. In terms of hair surgeons check to see how many successful operations are under his belt. Also check how many years he has worked professionally and discuss the nature of success regarding the surgery with him.

Pre surgery full body check up

Go through a proper check up beforehand to ensure that you are not hiding some underlying health problems. Hair transplant surgery must be done under local anaesthesia so it must be done with good general health. Underlying health problems can also affect your recovery time and make the surgery redundant.

Good supply of donor hair

Your must have a good supply of donor hair as that is what will be filling in the bald areas. The existing hair must be strong and dense. Hair transplants often involve replanting of over 3000 hair follicles so check up on that.

Hair transplants can be life changing. It can hugely impact the confidence of a persona and give him a boost in his life. If you are not suitable for a hair transplant procedure there are various non surgical methods which you can follow.

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