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Tips For Speed Up your Hair Growth after Hair Transplant Surgery.

Did you recently undergo a successful hair transplant surgery? Are you wondering how to speed up your hair recovery? Here are few tips to follow while you gain a head full of beautiful hair:


  • Treat your scalp gently after your hair transplant procedure. Apply any medication your doctor prescribed, using minimal pressure to avoid disturbing the sections of transplanted hair. Wait until your doctor advises you to shampoo your hair. Once he gives you permission, use a gentle shampoo to cleanse the area around the hair follicles carefully. Use a light touch to disperse the shampoo, avoiding rubbing movements. Rinse gently, avoiding strong water.


  • Limit your activities right after your transplant. Avoid all physical activities, such as jogging, bicycling and sports for at least seven to 10 days. This period of rest can help prevent areas of transplanted hair to sweat and fall out of your scalp.


  • Eat a balanced diet of healthy foods rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins to strengthen hair follicles and speed up hair growth. Your diet should include wheat bread, broccoli, beans, and tofu. Your original hair including the transplanted hair contains keratin which is a type of protein. A lack of protein in hair can cause slow hair growth or rapid hair loss after a hair transplant. Eat these protein-rich foods daily.


  • Vitamins are very essential for full and faster hair growth. Take Vitamin B6 capsules daily after going through a hair transplant to help speedy hair growth. Vitamins will help make your skin, nails, and hair stronger as well as speed up hair growth. Take maximum iron also in your diet after the surgery. Blood cells require iron in order to deliver oxygen to your body, particularly your scalp. Iron helps in speeding up recovery after surgery and fastens hair growth. Add healthy foods that are high in iron, along with the iron supplements, including tofu, cashews, bran flakes, and lentils.


  • Drink plenty of water daily. At least two to three liters of water is necessary for the body to flush out the toxins from the body. Drink sufficient of water which helps to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and toxins through your urine. As you drink more water, your body will vastly eradicate toxins. As a consequence, your body can put more attention on your scalp and help raise hair growth after undergoing a hair transplant.


  • Treat yourself to a gentle scalp massage after your doctor allows you to begin manipulating the area around your transplanted hair. Mix three drops of the essential oils of rosemary, sage, and peppermint. Stir these into 1 tbsp. of olive oil. These essential herbs may help stimulate new hair growth. Apply the oil mixture to your scalp and massage gently once or twice each day.

Generally, the time taken for hair growth after a hair transplant treatment varies from person to person but optimal results will begin to appear within four months to one year. Hair which has been transplanted will become coarser, fuller and thicker. How fast hair growth happens may depend on the type of hair transplant that you had.

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