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Rhinoplasty for younger patients

Like any other cosmetic surgery people do opt Rhinoplasty to correct their nose’s shape whether due to choice, preference or some medical reason surgical procedures which are necessary in order to ensure proper nasal function may be necessary at any age. While when it comes to younger patients a little precaution is needed in order to ensure that the structural support necessary for ongoing nasal growth is not compromised.

Although younger than 12 years in age is not acceptable anywhere for Rhinoplasty prior to full growth being reached can have an adverse impact as these younger teens reach adulthood.

Procedure: the procedure is an out-patient procedure so, no overnight stay is needed. Local/ general anesthesia will be injected on the targeted area this will make you sleep though out the procedure to avoid any pain or discomfort. Cuts are made within the nostrils and in severe cases cuts may be made on the base of the nose after this surgeon reshapes the inner-bone and cartilage for producing more pleasing appearance. The recovery period might take 6 months and some swelling is being experienced after the treatment which can only be noticed by either you or your surgeon and as you heal the swelling disappears and results are seen. Although you can rejoin all your social activities within two to three weeks without any recognizable signs that you had a procedure done.

At Dezire Clinic, you can get Rhinoplasty done under the expert hands of Dr. Prashant Yadav and results will stun you. You can get your doubts cleared during your consultation with him this will boost your morale, as in younger patients maturity lacks which makes them a little conscious of this procedure. In younger candidates it very much required to have that confidence and knowledge before appearing for it. So, before scheduling your consultation you need to do your home-work first like search and read all the possible sites and links available providing the correct information. There should not arise the question “how young is too young” in patient’s mind as this makes one nervous and leads to anxiety.

When you make-up your mind for the procedure follow above said things and be mentally pre-pared to benefit yourself of the respected procedure.

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