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How to raise your comfort during laser hair removal

Getting rid of unwanted hair is a much wanted thing by people of every region, while discomfort caused during the procedure is what makes many to step back. The pain or any discomfort caused depends on person to person, and also the skin type you possess. There are many ways you can ease the pain or any discomfort caused during laser hair removal few are enlisted below:

  • The “Technique”: the way it’s performed plays a major role in pain levels. Some doctors use direct ice to the targeted area following a laser burst while others apply cool gel over the treated area to give a cooling effect on the skin making the procedure more comfortable. The other option some opt for is treating small patches at one time while people who are immune to pain have experienced less pain when targeting larger areas.
  • Numbing the area: topical anesthetic cream is one of the best options for people with less pain tolerance. Some even take painkiller over-the-counter before procedure to reduce any pain that the patient would normally experience.
  • Additional tips: having longer hair can be painful as laser will first burn the hair and then destroy the root which is more painful, so it’s better to trim your hair on the targeted area a day or two before the procedure can alleviate this. If your procedure is scheduled near your menstrual cycle it may cause more pain so it’s highly recommended to switch the slot accordingly to avoid any discomfort or pain and enjoy your procedure fully.

At Dezire clinic we offer laser hair removal under the expert guidance of our senior expert Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S., MC.H.) he is known for his experience and results since years in this area of medical field. During your consultation with him he’ll clear all your doubts and queries regarding the procedure. At Dezire we offer different type of laser treatments for every different problem, for hair removal DIODE an FDA approved, MEDICAL GRADE LASER rays are absorbed by the skin and then they selectively target and disrupt hair follicles. No side effects are experienced so far with this treatment only minor bump or irritation can be cause which goes away within few hours or days, you can apply ointment on the affected area or icepack can be applied. Few sessions are required as recommended by the doctors for best results and leaving treatment in between will lead to normal hair growth again.

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