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Mole removal in delhi

What are your options for mole removal in Delhi?

Moles are usually the growth that is formed by the unusual growth of Melanocytes cells that has the function of producing the melanin that gives the color to your skin. Moles can be by birth or acquired. The genetic factor plays an important role in deciding if you will have a mole on your skin or not. The moles that are formed after your birth are called acquired moles that are formed due to overexposure to UV radiations. Some diseases and conditions can also be the reason behind your mole. Usually, moles are not cancerous and do not need to be removed but in some cases, you can get them removed if you do not like their presence. 

When should you think about having a mole removed surgically?

  • If the size and position of the mole disturb you.
  • Some moles must be removed in order to keep them from developing into melanoma.
  • If moles give you a sense of unease.
  • If you see rapid growth in an older or more recent mole.
  • If your mole is painful or excruciatingly itching.

What is the various method you can opt for your mole removal?

  1. RF cautery-  This procedure is performed with the help of a handpiece device that has an active electrode. This device emits radio waves that cut through the soft tissues or burn  the mole to give a smooth appearance. This procedure is scarless and you can see results right away.

2.CO2 laser- This method is regarded as one of the best methods for mole removal and it is preferred over traditional surgical methods. CO2 laser has the capacity to treat the mole without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. No stitches are involved in this method that can cause any scarring. The laser focuses on the lesion without causing any bleeding, and the chance of infection is reduced.

  •  Following therapy, a plaster and antibiotic ointment is applied. By allowing air to reach the region starting on day two, patients can aid in the healing process.
  • After the surgery, a scab may take 1-2 days to form depending on the region and size of the mole. After around 7 days, the scab will start to pull off.
  1. Surgical removal of mole- 
  •  Some people choose to opt for this method for the moles that are deep into the skin.
  •  Your surgeon uses a scalpel to cut your mole away from the rest of your skin after cleaning and numbing the region. To ensure that all of the abnormal cells are eliminated, they may take a margin of healthy skin depending on the type of mole. They lift the mole away after grabbing the portion with forceps.
  1. Punch excision and grafting- 
  • A deeply set mole that is less than eight millimeters in diameter can be removed with a punch excision, a small surgical plastic surgery treatment. When removing a mole or birthmark, a specific circular punch blade can reach the subcutaneous layer and do the job completely.
  • After removing the mole, a skin graft is applied to the area where the mole removal took place from the back of your scalp.
  • The scar made in this procedure will fade away on its own over a period of time.

Why choose dezire clinic for your mole removal procedure?

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