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How to maintain acne treatment with natural skin care

Major number of people go under acne treatment due to their severe acne condition caused by their lifestyle, pollution and other factors. The treatment concerned will lead to successful results but only if followed by maintaining the treatment to last long. The main aim is to prevent the accumulation of dirt, sebum and bacteria on the skin and in the pores by using natural skin care products. Here is a list of natural skin care products you can try at home with minimum efforts.

Avocado: Its loaded with vitamins such as A, D, and E helping boost production of collagen penetrating the skin and this even treats age spots and reduces inflammation. Blend fresh avocado with honey mask and essential oils apply topically as a face mask to deliver the nutrients to replenish your skin.

Shea butter: skin problems like- peeling, flaking and redness can be treated with this natural product, used by people of Africa for centuries. Use this in your daily skin care regime works best as everyday moisturizer for maintaining the health of your skin.

Raw Honey: honey can be used to moisturize the skin and also effective in the treatment of scars and wounds due to its anti bacterial properties. this also treats skin burns, rashes and other skin allergies as its a great source of vitamins, enzymes and other natural nutrients which are beneficial for health of the skin.

lemon Essential oil: this possess limonene, which is a potent antimicrobial that is used worldwide as a disinfectant. used as face wash, household cleaner and also for teeth whitening, etc and it has lot for skin like improving age spots, fading scars, etc. the natural oil can clear out any dirt or bacteria clogged in your skin pores. add this to your daily skin care regime to enjoy the best results.

keep yourself hydrated: consuming good volume of water can be the best of all options as water helps in detoxifying the toxins present in your body. this hydrates your skin plays a major role in your youthful appearance of the skin. drink minimum eight glasses of water each day to maintain a healthy glowing skin.

the above listed natural skin treatments can be of great use if followed properly, while many people still complain of not getting the desired results even after strictly following the treatment for them cosmetic treatments will be of great relief as there no side effects of them also. At Dezire Clinic, Delhi you can get the best cosmetic treatment  under the expert supervision of Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S., MC.H.) he’ll examine the condition of your skin during the consultation and recommend you the best procedure. At Dezire Clinic, Delhi  we offer number of acne and skin treatments like- chemical peels, derma fillers, PRP, Medi Facials, etc. these are the trusted and result oriented treatments you can opt to maintain that healthy glow on your skin.


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