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🔴Live 📺 Plastic Surgeon Dr Prashant Yadav #dezireclinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH) director of Dezire clinic.Some of the common questions which were asked during the session were:

  1. I’ll be the first I am happy everything this fine thank you so much

 Ans. Hope you are recovering well and you will have mild swelling which is normal during the recovery process. If you have any queries you can call us on

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272
  1. Why don’t you do live gynecomastia surgery like other surgeons show

 Ans. I don’t bother what others are doing and what I’m doing. I want to show surgery in high quality, I have tried it once and because of poor internet I have dropped the idea. If I show live surgery then I have do live session for 8-9 hrs

  1. Hi Sir. I’m Gaurav Saini currently in Canada. I will come India just for gyneo surgery. I just want to know can You post any post op video

Ans.  We have posted lot of video on gyno of post op which you can search and watch. You can make your mind and come to India for surgery

​Q. worried about post surgery

 Ans. Everyone is worried about surgery and post-surgery but don’t worry we are here to help you.

  1. Guys please don’t doubt on his skills you can blindly trust him. If you going through gyno problem please go and get it done right away all the problems will go he will motive you and you’ll be happy.

 Ans. You are recovering that is most important and you are happy that is best thing.

  1. sir, you have done the MAGIC.. why I waited for this many years.. today I have removed the dressing.. saw my chest.. its my life which is taking turn now.. its day 2 of my surgery. perfectly fine.🙏

 Ans. I feel very happy when my patients gets happy, I can feel that how happy you are after the surgery

  1. I’m more worried about post op results.

Ans. There is no need to worry about post op result you can watch our pre and post op videos on you tube

Q.sir agar hame apni cost of gynecomastia and grade pata karna hai toh sirf photo send karne se hiii information mil sakti hai kya then surgery kitne days main possible hogi

Ans. You have to call on the no my team will tell you the cost, and the you can decide your date according to availability.

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272
  1. I saw your videos but is it possible you can upload 2 month later post op results?

 Ans. Yes, I can show you the post-surgery result but for this you have to send your details on WhatsApp and then we will upload the videos.

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272
  1. I ame here I’m watching your every videos daily. I’m currently in Canada. I want to come India but because of this situation going on around the world. International borders are closed.

Ans. It is difficult time will pass very soon, when this will over you can wait for some time and after that you are most welcome to India.

  1. sir merri 2sep ko surgery hui Lekin Abhi tak nipples K ghav Thik nhi hua or nipple ki Puri black skin uttar gyi or sir taaka cutne K baad us jagha par lamba ghav h kitna time lagta h thik hone ma ghav

 Ans. The skin above the nipple is superficial which is black and in starting signs of inflammation will be there such as redness, pain will be there. Once your sutures are removed there will be no problem after this, it may appear as a wound and recover on its own within 2-3 days, when you are seeing the mirror you will definitely see the change and appearance in your chest

  1. After how long I can start working out after surgery?

 Ans. Normal work and daily activities can be started after 2-3 days of surgery and heavy activities can be started  after 4 weeks

​ Q. in how many days a person recovers fully after 4th grade gynecomastia surgery

Ans.  For grade 4 for 3 days there will be some discomfort and pain after and there is no major disability. Hand movement is stiff and you will recover after 2-3 days. In starting unevenness and stiffness will be there once healing done final result will be seen.

  1. hey sir hafta hojayega kl surgery ko, chest kya bdiya shape m aarhi h because pehle se hi pec muscles achi thi aur thoda fluid tha andar zara sa starting m wo bhi chala gya .

Ans. You have to do exercise and  workout so that your chest will get a better shape.

  1. ​Can I fly after surgery or Is there some restrictions in travelling?

Ans. There is no restriction in travelling, after the surgery you can travel anywhere but you don’t have to drive.

​ Q. sir I’m having some lower back pain is it due to stiff sleeping as i had my surgery yesterday

Ans. Lower back pain can be due to stiff sleeping ,it can be because you slept in one position. This is normal and not need to be worried

  1. Sir mujhe gynecomastia hai but parents ni man rae

Ans.  If you are facing this problem, you tell your parents about your problem , show  them videos of Gynecomastia surgery, tell them you are bullied, stressed and not able to concentrate on your work. You can take consultation face to face consultation from us. Parents only disagree due to surgery, surgery will definitely get result, and you can come  to me for appointment.

​ Q. how do you provide after surgery service

 Ans. We provide service in all form, all possible ways of post -surgery we are giving. We are open 24 hrs, I do surgery in such a way that you should not any problem. I  will make sure when you come from OT the you should be safe.

  1. ​Only you’re the one who’s going to do surgery?

 Yes.  I am the only one who is  doing the surgery

  1. sir muje i sided gynocomestia h… pr kbi kisi ne muje toka nhi h isko lekr.. qki jyada show nhi hota pr T-shirt vgera pehnne pe mai confident nhi rehta hu… sir kya muje surgery krvani pdegi??

Ans. This is mentality of Indians when someone doesn’t tell us when does not recognise it. Someone will tell you and someone cannot. By looking at other people feedback you don’t take decision. Grade 1 gyno is also problematic, if there is no confidence in wearing t-shirt. I can tell you your chest appearance will become bigger, we will give you the best possible shape.

  1. ​Sir i m coming to delhi to meet u on Friday.. thxs

 Ans. You can come to our clinic and have face and face conversation

​Q. do you have any other experienced surgeon in your team

Ans. How much experienced surgeon you are looking, how many surgeries one need to do become experienced then I will tell whether I am experienced or not. You are looking for team surgeon or old surgeon. You can see our videos

  1. ​hi sir face k dari kayse remove karsakta hy

 Ans. Laser hair removal is needed ,which takes 6-8 session, they are very effective and we use gold standard diode are which removes 80-90 percent hair are it is painless without side effects thick and dark hair are removed. White hair can be removed.

  1. ​i filled my details on website but no one called back

 Ans. I will make sure that you will get reply at the earliest

  1. ​Sir mere pure body me lipoma hogya h but main av aanhi skta kyunki main av Dubai me hoo

Ans. You can come from Dubai if you cannot come you can wait. If  you are financially prepared then come for the surgery. Whenever you want we can do lipomas surgery. If it is located near nerves and vessels then it can cause pain. It is not emergency you don’t need to worry about it

​Q. Sir lipoma backside me jo h kuchh kuchh pain krta h

 Ans. If lipomas are located near nerves then they can cause pain.

  1. ​sir mere bahut sare lipoma hai kitna kharcha aa aayaega

 Ans.  Call on the no for cost

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​Q. ​sir aapke clinic par paat ki thi Bahut mahnga kharcha bataaya tha kuch chhut mil sakti hai

 Ans. My cost is higher but I can give discount

  1. ​Sir lipoma nikalne k baad koi prblm to nhi hoga na main gym kr skta hoon na baad me

Ans. You can do gym , workout, yoga anything you want there will be no effect on muscles

  1. ​hello Sir maine aaj 14 October ko delhi me appointment kiya meet you soon at 14 October at Delhi sir

 Ans. Let’s see u on 14th.You share your feedback when you will join the gyno free world

  1. ​actually my problem is gynecomastia

Ans. Our aim is to make gyno free world you can come here.

  1. can you talk with my cousin in phone?​he is a mmbs medicine doctor​basically my decision is taken by my cousin.thats why. he is saying that general surgeon can do gyno surgery.he is saying that this can be cured by medicine also.maybe

​Ans. You consult with my team they will give you appointment. If there is something specific then I will call you. If he has medicine get it cured I will be happy. Any person can do surgery and anything but who is more professional and skilled is required for the surgery.

  1. ​multiple limopa remol cost sir at banglore

Ans. Mention  your detail at Bangalore they will call you.

​​ Q. vaser liposuction kaya hain ji?

 Ans. VASER is an additional step in liposuction procedure, VASER breaks and burst fat cells with VASER it become easy to contour and give shape. Energy goes in a controlled way energy can be increased or decreased. Only fat cells are liquefied and fat is removed. It is bloodless, fast, less downtime, mega liposuction ,multiple area can be treated, less time of anesthesia, fast recovery bruises will be less, blood loss is less, no weakness

​Q.  scar ki vi sugery hoti ha kya sir

Ans. We do scar revision with fat transfer

  1. Q. ​I heard that general surgeon don’t do liposuction,only gland removal…. is this real sir?

 Ans. See our live session and the work we do.  General surgeon and their work, do research you will come to know. General surgeon are not trained for liposuction. In liposuction our eyes, feet, hand movement and stamina are needed, it is skilled work and no hard work. Everyone can do liposuction but not with precision but now with precision and skills..

​Q. sir , I have more than 50 limopa, any problem my futures

 Ans. There is no average no for lipomas, you will not have any problem in your future except your lipomas can only create problem for you when they become painful and infectious. The main reason to remove lipoma is with aesthetic, if noticeable get it removed.

Q.​Sir gyno ka dhire dhire barta rahta hya

Ans. Gyno increases with age due to fat component, if your weight and age is stable

  1. ​sir ap daly kitni surgery krte ha gyneomestia ki

Ans. You can ask our patient for this

​Q. full body hair removal rough price ?

Ans. We have keep very attractive price for male and female hair removal. You WhatsApp us for price on

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

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