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Lipoma Removal Treatment

What is a lipoma and when should you choose to get one removed?

Anywhere in the body, fatty lumps known as lipomas can develop. They are typically innocuous and non-cancerous. Excision is a surgical procedure that must be used to remove them when removal is unavoidable due to certain problems. Even while lipoma removal is generally considered to be minimally invasive, removing many lipomas may make the procedure more invasive.

What gives rise to lipoma?

Although the precise cause of lipoma is still unknown, many medical professionals think that a genetic anomaly is to blame. Studies on lipoma have also shown that any stress on soft tissue increases the likelihood that lipoma will subsequently form in the same tissues. It is discovered that 2 to 3 percent of people with lipoma have acquired this illness from their parents.

When should you choose to have lipoma surgery?

  • For cosmetic or painful reasons, lipomas may occasionally be removed surgically.
  •  Lipomas seldom recur following surgery. If your lipoma feels unpleasant and makes it difficult to perform everyday tasks, you should choose the operation.
  •  If you are self-conscious about how your lipoma looks, you should also have this surgery.

How do you plan to remove the undesirable lipoma?

  • Your surgeon will mark the area you want the lipoma removed from before performing the procedure.
  • The lipoma will then be removed from the skin during an operation performed on you while you are under local anesthesia.
  • The lipoma will be removed from your skin by the excision made by the surgeon, and the incision will be stitched.
  • If you have multiple lipomas that are near to each other then with the help of the liposuction method they can be sucked out from the skin.

Precautions after lipoma removal surgery include the following: 

  • You should avoid strenuous exercise until you are fully recovered.
  • If you are being treated for a specific disease that has been identified; tell your doctor about the treatment you are receiving for it.
  • Take only the prescribed painkillers if you experience any discomfort.
  •  Do not drink or consume alcohol for a few days before or after the procedure.   
  •  Ice packs can be used to reduce the swelling surrounding the treatment area.

Is there a treatment for lipoma except surgery to remove it?

If the lipoma is larger in size or there are several of them, the liposuction procedure is a viable choice for eradication. While their effectiveness has not yet been shown, some doctors utilize medicated injections as a non-invasive removal method.

Why should you have your lipoma removed at Dezire Clinic?

Dezire Clinic has been performing surgical and cosmetic procedures for many years. We provide you with high-class services by utilizing the most recent technologies on the market. Dezire is renowned for upholding a flawless standard of hygiene for our customers’ safety. To make sure that working with us is comfortable for you, we keep our work secret. To schedule your free consultation, you may either contact us at 9717470550 or send an email to

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