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Lets Talk About Cosmetic Surgery Dr Prashant.Plastic Surgeon

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during this live session were:

  1. ​nipple reduction and little gyncomastia sergery hony ky bhad kithny din rukhna padhta hy

Ans. it is not small surgery, nipple reduction can be done with Gynecomastia surgery, You will discharge on same  day

​ Q. kya stiches ko 2 din ky bhad fir say open karhky dekhty hy

Ans  After 2 day dressing is removed stitches after 2 week

​ Q. Hai sir good evening can I join in railways with gynecomastia

Ans. I have no idea about medical tests in radio, how they examine chest what is the criteria. The criteria of army and police are different. I think they may check the shape of your chest

​ Q. I’m very glad to see you live sir…Sir can you please tell me something about Gynecomastia and what will be the cost of grade 2 Gynecomastia and will it be covered under a Mediclaim?

Ans. Gynecomastia is not covered under mediclaim. For cost call on Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​sir is there any relation between thyroid and gynecomastia

Ans. Thyroid can have some effect on Gynecomastia, anything which is related to increase the amount of fat it will increase the chances of Gynecomastia. Hypothyroidism can have relation with gynecomastia.

​ Q. sir whatsapp pe reple ni deya i am from pakistan live in Saudi Arabia

Ans. I will check for it, definitely you will get the reply

​Q..weight Kam Karlene ke baad gyno surgery ka result atcha hota hai Kya? Mera weight abhi Thora jyada hai

Ans. By reducing weight you can reduce your overall body fat and fat from the sides of your chest, we have to do less liposuction in your chest.

  1. Hello Sir Tomorrow i m Visiting Your Clinic For Surgery 🥰

Ans. You are most welcome for surgery

  1. Is your whatsApp no. correct which ends with 896?

Ans. Don’t send on this number it is not in use. Message on these numbers Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​if you have poor blood circulation is gynecomastia surgery risky?

Ans. Please share in detail about this

  1. Q. Why sedation is necessary in gynecomastia?

Ans. Gyno is done under sedation local anaesthesia which contains xylociane and  drenaline which numbs the area the sedation my aim is to reduce anxiety and relaxation. Sedation is given in all case because preanesthetic drugs relieves your anxiety and makes you feel drowsy.

​Q. ​sir aap jo video bnate ho usme gred bhi btaya kro .

Ans yes, I will make video with gland.

  1. ​gynocomistya surjery ki kitne dino tak chast par sujan rahte hi sir

Ans. Till  2 weeks and it reduces after  2weeks after there is no swelling.

  1. ​can I reduce the chest fat by doing cardio?

Ans. Your side fat will reduce and your muscle will build

  1. sir how many cost of eye surgery

Ans. Tell me about detail about the procedure.

  1. Q. ​Are there any tests or Chest USG required to be carried out before the Gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. You have to blood tests before surgery but USg is not needed everytime.

  1. sir ,with vaser and microaire combination we can avoid aerola cut??

Ans. Areola cut is necessary without surgery cannot be done.

  1. sir liposuction waley hole ko bhii band ni kerty kehte khud band hoga

Ans. Hole is very small , it goes with time and not visible at all

  1. Q. ​sir ham dangal kar sakte hai surjury ke bad

Ans. yes, you can do this.

  1. ​sir main abhi weight loss kar Raha Hoon. weight loss Karne kebad gyno surgery ka result atcha hota hai kya

Ans. Muscles are build after exercise , even after massive weight loss there is no effect on gyno. You have to go for surgery.

  1. any solution for gynocomastia without surgery

Ans. No, there is no option without surgery.

  1. is there any chance for the cannula to damage internal organs??

Ans. No, cannula doesn’t goes to the deeper layer of the skin.

Q, ​Sir can you please tell me if there are any particular tests carried out before the Gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. yes, you have to undergo blood test such as viral markers, PT, APTT, serum creatinine, LFT and KFT. ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir Mai Delhi me November ke last week arha hai gyno ke liye

Ans. Call on this number to confirm booking ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. agar koi patient chahe to uske youtube pe live surgery ho sakta hai

Ans. We can show your live surgery on our you tube channel.

  1. sir kya 1 month main recover ho skte hai for police measurements test

Ans. Yes, one month is enough to recover after surgery.

  1. sir chest muscles damage to nahi honge na surgery ke baad?

Ans. No, muscles are not damaged.

  1. ​Sir Weight ka to koi effect nhi padta surgery ke time

Ans. Every person weight is different, BMI is different if it increases then more fat will be in chest

  1. ​provironam teblet lene se gyanocomesty thik ho skta he kya

Ans. No tablet will reduce gynecomastia.

  1. Q. ​sir koi side-effect toh nahi hai na short and long time mai and ye dobara wapis to ni aya na gynecomestia

Ans. No, only minor side effect is there.

  1. Q. ​surgery k baad koi effect to nhi hoga na sir

Ans. Only minor side effect will be there such as swelling, bruising, redness, pain for few days. You will be given medicines for it.

  1. sir gyno me kitna kharcha aata h aur agar mujhe aana h to me kaha aau apse milne

Ans. For cost call on ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​ Q. sir army selection mein koi problem to nae Hoga after surgery

Ans. No, there wont be any problem after surgery,

  1. ​sir surgery ke baad cut marks reh jate hai kya permenantly.

Ans. The cut marks will not remain there it will fade with time.

Q.​Had a great awesome superb experience with Dr. Prashant Ji. Wonderful experienced cosmetic surgeon. I had gone through Gynecomastia surgery from Dezire Delhi Clinic in the month of Sept’20.

Ans. Thank you for your feedback, we hope that you are happy with the result.

  1. ​Sir pet nikal gya hai to thik Ho jaye ga

Ans. Do exercise and diet for it , if you cannot reduce it then we can do liposuction

  1. sir 1month me rijult aa jata hi sir gynocomistya surjery ka

Ans. Gynecomastia surgery result is seen immediately

​​Q. ​can drive car same day after surgery as I’m living alone no one to take care for me after surgery.

Ans. No, after 24 hrs you can drive

  1. after surgery havy workout and hard work kitne din mai kar sakte hai…..

Ans. After one month of the surgery you can do hard work.

  1. sir surgery ke baad bhe aap kuch medicine dete ho kya

Ans. Yes, we give antibiotics and painkiller after surgery.

  1. any drains required for grade 3a??

Ans. I generally don’t put drains, but if it is needed then we put it

  1. After your Gynecomastia surgery what you need first and foremost is patience. Give it at least 2-3 months and with time all the hardness/stiffness, skin unevenness will go.

Ans. Stiffness is not seen, it is visible only.

  1. Q. ​sir local anesthesia Hoga na

Ans. Yes, we do surgery under anesthesia.

  1. sir agar local anesthesia hua to can I drive car same day

Ans. On same day you cannot drive, you can drive after 24 hours.

  1. Q. ​exercise se kam nhi hoga n jo ltak gya hai pet

Ans. You can go for tummy tuck for the loose part of your abdomen.  Send your abdomen pictures we will tell you the detail.

  1. ​I did lipo before but what v can do about the lumps

Ans. Some unevenness is there but it goes with time

  1. I’m staying alone noone to care for me in that case can do I need anyone for help or assistance

Ans. We will provide you the stay in our clinic after surgery for one day. Next day you can go home.

  1. Gynecomastia ke kitne din baad gym jaa sakte hein sir?

Ans. After one month of surgery you can go to gym.

  1. Q. ​sir aap mathura kab aayoge mujhe bhi surgery karwani h

Ans. I cant come to Mathura you can come to our Delhi centre. Contact on Dezire Clinic

​Q. ​sir tel about penile enlargement

Ans. It can be done by fat transfer, penile legthening.

  1. sir kha kha h aap k centar

Ans. We have centres in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore and Ahmadabad.

  1. Q. ​is local anaesthesia or general anaethesia better for gyno surgery?

Ans. Surgery can be done under both anaesthesia but the both have same result.

  1. sir consent form bharwaogay ap

Ans. Yes, we fill consent form beform going for surgery.

  1. when stitches are removed after gyno surgery

Ans. After 14 days of the surgery stitches are removed.

  1. ​​sir do u personaly perform gynaecomastia surgery in Pune

Ans. Yes, I personally do surgery in every centre/

  1. Q. ​sir surgery k baad kitne din baad wapas aana pdega

Ans. After 2 days you have to come for dressing and after 14 days you have to come for stitch removal.

  1. Q. ​can microaire break/melt the gland completely?

Ans. No, machines cannot break or melt the gland. Glands can only be removed by gland removal.

  1. sir dressing remove karne ke liye clinic ana jaruri hai ?

Ans. No, we can do it yourself. You contact with us, we will tell you how to do it.

  1. sir gynaecomastia surgery ke baad repeat hota hai kya gynaecomastia

Ans. No, it doesn’t comes after surgery.

  1. sir gland ka kya karte hi sir

Ans. We give it to biomedical waste, they dispose it

  1. sir grade1 gayno hai normal gland hai local anasthia treatment hoga na

Ans. Yes, it is normally done under local anaesthesia, but if you are fat your BMI is more then we do it under general anaesthesia.

Q, ​sir gym kar sakte h

Ans. After one month of the surgery you can do gym.

  1. Q. ​sir I have grade 2 skin tightening to nae Karni padega

Ans. In grade 2 the skin tightens on its own, we give time for the skin to contract.  If it doesn’t tightens then we do skin excision.

  1. ​sir gyno kaunse grade ka hai ye kaise pata chalega?

Ans. You search for Simons classification of Gynecomastia on Google you will get to know about grades of Gynecomastia.

  1. after surger byke kitne din baad chla sakte hai

Ans. After 24 hours of surgery you can ride bike.

  1. sir agar waist jacket nae pehnay after surgery to kya skin retract nae hogi

Ans. Skin will not retract after liposuction but it is needed for maximum skin contraction.

  1. Q. ​price of glutathione injections?

Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Q. ​sir will you extract whole gland or will you leave small amount of gland.

Ans. We remove the whole gland.

​Q. लिपोमा बॉडी 20 ,25 है निकलवाने के क्या चार्ज होंगे sir जी

Ans. Call on this no for lipoma removal, Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir how much consultancy fees or free ?

Ans. We don’t take consultancy fees.

  1. sir breast ke size 45 h to sir keyhole se breast reduction surgery hoskte h or use koe bad me problem to nhe ate h sir

Ans. No, there is no problem after breast reduction surgery it can be done by keyhole.

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