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Laser Mole Removal in Delhi

A mole is like a cluster of pigments or a kind of growth on skin. These are usually of black, dark brown or red color. These moles can have hair growth in them. They are usually not a cause of concern for most of the people. You can get them removed if you do not like the appearance of these moles or if you feel insecure because of their presence.

When you should consider getting a mole removal surgery?

  • If the mole is bothering you due to its size and location.
  • Some moles need to be removed to prevent them from turning them into melanoma.
  • If moles are making you feel insecure.
  • If you are noticing a sudden growth in a pre-existing mole or in a newer mole.
  • If your mole is causing pain or if it is extremely itchy.

What is mole removal surgery and how it is done?

  • It is a procedure of getting rid of an unwanted mole with the methods like cutting and shaving. It is done at a dermatologist’s clinic. This procedure also enables your doctor to check for the symptoms of skin cancer if any.
  • Before the surgery for mole removal, your surgeon will use a derma scope to have a better look at your mole and to decide the best method for the mole removal.
  • The area that needs to be removed mole from will be cleaned and then will be numbed with the help of an anesthetic.
  • There are various methods of removing the mole that includes surgical excision and shave excision and laser mole removal.
  • In surgical excision, scalpel is used to get rid of the mole form the rest of the skin. It is ensured that all the atypical cells get removed to prevent future growth of a mole. Then the incision gets stitched.
  • Your surgeon might also suggest you to opt for shaving the mole instead of extracting it. In this method a blade single or doubled sided is used to get rid of the upper layer of a mole or to get rid of the growth off the skin.
  • If you are opting for laser mole removal method then your surgeon will apply laser radiation on the affected region. This treatment removes the mole without damaging the healthy skin around it.
  • Small moles that are non-cancerous are an ideal option for laser mole removal.

Why choose dezire clinic for your mole removal procedure?

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