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Laser manboobs surgery | Dezire Clinic

What is Laser manboob surgery and how is it done?

Gynecomastia, often known as man boobs, is a disorder that makes the chest muscles in a man’s body grow and resemble those of a woman. Hormonal imbalance, namely a decline in testosterone levels and a rise in estrogen levels is the leading cause of this illness. Men developing breasts at an early pubertal age can also be caused by dietary factors including a lousy diet and consuming processed foods. The individual who receives this diagnosis may find it challenging to maintain a social life since they may feel uneasy due to the disease and avoid conversing with others.  

Why do men get man boobs?

  • If you often eat fast food, which contributes to your hormone imbalance, or if you had a bad diet when you were a teenager.
  •  If your prostate cancer treatment is lowering your natural testosterone levels due to your medication.
  • Gynecomastia can be caused by AIDS drugs, which are well-known for their ability to cause hormonal imbalances.
  • chemotherapy and other medical treatments can also lead to Gynecomastia

When should you choose surgery to address your male breast problem?

  • If you get pain in the chest region.
  • If dietary and lifestyle modifications have not been successful in reducing the symptoms.
  • When medicine hasn’t had the desired effects.
  • If the severity of your gynecomastia has grown.
  • If your swelling chest tissues make you feel uneasy.

What is the surgical technique for treating the male breast problem?

  • You’ll experience a general anesthetic during the procedure.
  • Before your surgery, you will meet with your doctor for a consultation during which you may go over your expectations for the procedure.
  • The greatest procedure for eliminating gynecomastia has been laser therapy combined with liposuction.
  •  Before anything else, a cut will be made around each of your nipples.
  • A laser-emitting wand is placed into the area that has to be treated through this incision.
  • The fat around the region will melt with the aid of this laser.
  • The fat is removed from your body using a suction device once this fat has been melted.
  •  Your glandular tissue will also be removed through the incision that was made earlier.
  •  Following that, the area will be covered with a bandage and the incision will be sewn.

What are the post-Gynecomastia surgical precautions?

  •  It is advised to stop smoking a few days following surgery because the nicotine in cigarettes might interfere with the process of blood coagulation. 
  • Put on the compression garment your doctor prescribed to protect your chest from harm.
  • Until you are fully recovered, you should refrain from engaging in any high-intensity physical activity for a few days following surgery.

What can you anticipate following a male boobs removal procedure?

Gynecomastia surgery has quite pleasant results. They are both immediate and long-term. After the procedure, you may put on your favorite clothes right away. With time, the little scar from the procedure will disappear, making it impossible to tell that you’ve had it.

Why choose the dezire clinic for your male breast removal surgery?

Dezire clinic has been in the field of cosmetic and surgical procedures for years now. We use the latest technology available in the market to give you a high-class service. Dezire is known for maintaining an impeccable level of hygiene for a safe experience for our clients. We maintain confidentiality in our work to ensure you will have a comfortable experience with us. You can call us at 9717470550 or you can email us at ( to book your free consultation. 

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