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LASER hair removal for men: Permanent solution to unwanted hair

Hair are something that enhance the aesthetics of the person whether it is man or woman both are equally concerned about their hair, if they are growing on the scalp then that is a healthy sign but if the hair are growing in an unwanted section like thighs, arms, chest then to some males that becomes an issue to deal with as they feel uncomfortable showing their skin while going out and trimming or shaving those hair again and again can become a headache but with laser hair removal procedure for men there would be no requirement to shave or trim them anymore.

How lasers are used to remove unwanted hair?

In lasers a beam of light of certain wavelength is used to do the task done and different types of lasers are used to do different procedures. The required laser is targeted on the region from where the hair is needed to be removed and when the beam touches the skin it feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin causing some bit of pain but simultaneously a coolant device is working to keep the pain at its minimum.

How laser hair removal treatment is done at the Dezire Clinic?

To do the hair removal treatment at the Dezire clinic latest laser devices are used and following steps are followed to do the procedure:

  • A pre-procedure discussion is done with the person concerned.
  • Then, the Laser beam is targeted to the required area.
  • The laser would damage the hair follicles which is under the skin and prevents it from growing
  • Hair grows in different phases and the maximum effect of the laser hair removal can be seen when the hair are in growing phase and when multiple treatments on the particular area is done then the results would be much faster.

Benefits of laser hair removal treatment for men:

  • Smooth skin would be provided after the completion of all sessions.
  • As latest lasers are used the results would be much better.
  • Non-invasiveness makes this procedure safe and reliable.
  • The hair won’t grow on the treated site for a long time.
  • Surrounding area of the skin won’t get affected.

Risks of laser hair removal:

  • Burning effect when the lasers are operating on the area would be cause of discomfort.
  • Redness around the treated area.
  • There would be a lot of sessions needed to provide results to the person.
  • The hair growth would be slow but permanent removal of hair won’t be possible.

WHY choose Dezire Clinic?

If you are the person who wants to remove those unwanted hair from an expert and that too an affordable cost then the Dezire clinic should be a must place to visit and as we know LASER treatments should be done with great precision and years of experience is required to do that, so the patient could get the required results. Here, at Dezire clinic we maintain our ethos and with an expert himself Dr. Prashant Yadav you can get a worry-free treatment. We are just one call away book your appointment by dialing +91 9272007896 or ping us an email at

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