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Is Laser Gynecomastia surgery safe?

Is Gynecomastia surgery safe? When to opt for Gynecomastia procedure?

Gynecomastia surgery has been a very trending surgery in past few years. More and more men are opting for this surgery. Gynecomastia is a condition that causes a man’s chest to appear like a woman’s breast. This condition is caused by an increased level of estrogen hormone that is pre dominantly present in a woman. Due to this condition so many man shy away from meeting people or holding social conversation as they feel embarrassed about their condition. Gynecomastia surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that can help you to achieve a normal looking chest and results of this surgery are long term.

Who should opt for Male breast removal surgery?

  • If the grade of your Gynecomastia is increasing with the time.
  • If medications are not doing any help to relieve your symptoms.
  • Losing weight and dietary changes are not helpful for your condition.
  • If you feel insecure about your condition and want to change the way your chest appears.

What should you do before undergoing Gynecomastia surgery?

  • You should discuss your condition and expectations from the surgery with your doctor.
  • Stop taking medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin because they have components known for blood thinning which might create complications with your surgery.
  • You should also discuss any chronic disease you are being diagnosed for.

What is the procedure of Gynecomastia surgery?

  • You will be operated under general or local anesthesia depending on your grade and condition.
  • The area that needs to be removed will be marked by the surgeon.
  • Mostly laser liposuction is used to perform the Gynecomastia surgery as it delivers highly satisfying results.
  • An incision will be made around your nipple on both the sides.
  • Through this small incision a wand that emits laser will be inserted in the chest, it will melt down the fat around your chest region.
  • This melted fat will be removed with the help of a suction device called cannula.
  • After removal of fat, the increased gland will also be removed from both the chest.
  • After this procedure, your incision will get stitched.
  • And a dressing will be applied around the chest area to keep your chest protected.

What are the results of this surgery?

This surgery gives long term results. Even when results are permanent and instant but it takes time for the swelling from the surgery to go away. It takes some time for the surgery to show you the exact results.

Is this surgery is safe?

Yes Gynecomastia surgery is a safer method to get rid of the man boobs condition. Every surgery contains some potential risk of infection. The risk of the infection from the surgery can be reduced by choosing a highly profession and experienced surgeon and clinic.

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