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Insurance Coverage For Gynecomastia Surgery : Eligibility Requirements

Most of the health insurance policy in india cover providing financial assistance to the insured during medical emergency and life threatening disease not the cosmetic surgery tratment. Depending upon the healthcare requirements, Mediclaim insurance policy in India does not offer coverage for pre-existing diseases.

For Gynecomastia surgery treatment if you are planning to avail any kind of insurance or mediclaim, then you are wrong for one or two reasons.

Why Insurance companies hesitate to provide coverage?

The primary reason behind the exclusion of Insurance coverage for gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction in India is that once they start offering insurance claim to the beneficiaries then every second person would come with a claim for a surgery for psychological betterment or aesthetic treatment.

Everyone has this question in mind whether I can claim the gynecomastia surgery under any insurance policy or mediclaim or TPA health insurance. Most common query is whether the gynecomastia surgery cost in India can be reimburse through the medical policy or under health insurance

You can get an overview of the Gynecomastia surgery cost in India by filling correct details in the gynecomastia cost calculator form. We will also be able to help you on the price and regarding the insurance you can enquire with your insurance company for giving coverage of gynecomastia treatment surgery.

What to do in case your insurance claim for gynecomastia is disapproved?

Call us to find out insurance coverage for gynecomastia surgery and go through your insurance coverage guideline to cross check if it is mentioned. Different Insurance companies have a mix of policy guidelines when it comes to insurance coverage for gynecomastia surgery so a talk with your insurance company agent can be equally good. Insurance agents can brief you on the terms and policies of Mediclaim insurance plan.

First of all Gynecomastia or male breast reduction treatmentdoes not fall in any insurance or Mediclaim range. Gynosurgery is considered as a cosmetic surgery and is therefore not covered by insurance companies.

Most health insurance companies bypass Gynecomastia cosmetic correction surgery. Insurance companies view gynecomastia surgery the same way that they view other types of cosmetic surgery, such as having wrinkles removed from your face,

Unfortunately insurance does not pay for gynecomastia surgery but if the patient is availing Gynecomastia surgery procedure at Dezire Clinicheis entitled to a flexible treatment policy coverage under Bajaj Finserv services. Gynecomastia surgery can be done from Pune/delhi/Bangalore/Gurgaon  best hospital Dezire Clinic by availing the life care facility offered by Bajaj Finserv. Repayment involves convenient EMIs to be paid as per the decided tenure.

Dezire Clinic assures the success of your gynecomastia procedure and treatment in sync with the best of all Hair restoration and cosmetic treatments such as Gynecomastia.

You can simplify the medical aesthetic treatment and convert the cost into easy EMIs and repay the amount over a tenor as per your convenience.

There are easy interest free EMI facility available from Bajaj Finserv services with following TC for Bajaj which is applicable as beneficiaries for gynecomastia surgery patient

  • Minimum age should be 23 yrs. and maximum 65 yrs.
  • Loan Applicable only for salaried self-employed person not for housewife, lawyers and Delhi police
  • Required Mobile Number and Email address
  • Address should be of Delhi/NCR
  • Company/Business nameand address
  • Required 3 months’ salary slip and bank STMT For salaried customers
  • For self-employed required 6 Months Bank Statement

There is Zero Percent interest rate in which the you need to pay the  downpayment of around one third of the total cost of gyneocmastia procedure.

The Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in India are listed below:

1) Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company had an outstanding record of Incurred Claim Ratio of 63.03% for the fiscal year 2014-15, and it has brought additional benefits like portability and lifelong renewability options in its existing health insurance plans.

2) Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited

Star Health & Allied Insurance Company recorded the Incurred Claim Ratio of 63.96% for the fiscal year 2014-15. The company has an in-house claim settlement procedure to deal with cashless hospitalization facility. Along with this, Star Health & Allied insurance company comes up with a range of exciting products that offer protection to Diabetes and HIV+ patients.

3) Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited

Max Bupa is one of the best-known insurance companies in India, which had an Incurred Claim Ratio of 55.16% for the fiscal year 2014-15. This company offers its health insurance policies to individuals from all age groups.

4) ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited

The most popular product offered by ICICI Lombard General Insurance is Health Advantage that offers full coverage for expenses incurred in a case of a medical emergency. It covers the cost of hospitalization, dental expenses, room rent, and ambulance charges up to a limit. It had an Incurred Claim Ratio of 87.38% for the fiscal year 2014-15.

5) Religare Health Insurance Company Limited

Religare Health Insurance Company limited has shown tremendous growth in a short period of time, thereby setting a benchmark in the insurance market of India. It had an Incurred Claim Ratio of 61.13%. It is being regularly appreciated and promoted by the Fortis Hospitals.

6) Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company is comparatively a new player in the Indian insurance market, as it was launched in 2014 only and immediately fell into the category of the best health insurance companies in India. Its Incurred Claim Ratio for the fiscal year 2014-15 is 64.32%.

7) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company has some health products that are very beneficial for customers from a particular age group. The 3 major health insurance products are Health Guard, Silver Health, and Star Package. Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company was the first to provide captive TPA services with certain additional benefits. Its Incurred Claim Ratio is 73.59% for the fiscal year 2014-15.

8) New India Assurance Company Limited

New India Assurance is a fully government-owned entity of India, which has been in operations since 1919. This company is well-known for its Mediclaim policy. The best feature offered under this health insurance policy is that it provides different ratings for major metros. It had an Incurred Claim Ratio of 98.78% for the fiscal year 2014-15.

 9) Oriental Insurance Company Limited

Oriental general insurance is also a government-owned general insurance company that offers a wide range of health insurance products in India. The impressive part of Oriental health insurance is that it doesn’t require a pre-policy medical test up to the age of 60 years, whereas it is mandatory under other health insurance providers to get a medical examination done if you are below 45 years of age. Its Incurred Claim Ratio stood at 117.02% for the fiscal year 2014-15.

10) National Insurance Company Limited

National Insurance Company Ltd. is a full government entity, which has been serving its customers for more than a century and also provides health insurance coverage. It had an Incurred Claim Ratio of 110.02% for the fiscal year 2014-15. The best health product offered by National General Insurance Company is Varishtha Mediclaim that offers coverage to senior citizens.

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