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Gynecomastia Hormone Treatment In India

Gynecomastia is the breast enlargement in men’s or boys due to hormonal imbalance or increase in breast tissues. All of the males have some estrogen. But too much estrogen can also cause males breasts to grow. Many males have need to reduce gynecomastia by breast reduction surgery. Generally the most successful option of Gynecomastia Treatment is bioidentical hormones replacement therapy. Since the gynecomastia is hormonally based.

The number of factors can causes to enlarged breast of males.

  • The hormonal changes (having less testosterone and more estrogen)
  • Medications and other substances
  • Hormones
  • Anti-biotics and anti-ulcer medicines

To know the cost of Gynecomastia Surgery please fill the form on & mail your chest pictures to our email address.

Shiv Prasad Gynecomastia Vaser

[dt_sc_testimonial image=”″ name=”Shiv Prasad” role=”Hingoli”]    I’ve had two Gynecomastia  procedures at Dezire Clinic with Doctor Prashant Yadav and all Staff and couldn’t recommend them enough.
Getting a cosmetic procedure can be rather daunting- but during both my procedures they were so welcoming and personable- and did an incredible job in clarifying any concerns.

After a procedure you can expect to return a number of times for lymphatic massages- which is always a pleasure as the clinic itself is beautiful and the staff are really friendly.

Above all and most importantly- these guys know what they are doing. They are a busy clinic- and do these procedures all day- so I never had the slightest concern I wasn’t in the safest hands.
My results are amazing and I couldn’t be happier – it has truly been life changing- so thanks guys!.[/dt_sc_testimonial]

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