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This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions which were asked during live session were:

  1. muje male to female karna hai

Ans. In this procedure top surgery and bottom surgery is done.  We do Breast surgery first in which we place breast implant. For this we need your psychiatric evaluation, psychiatric treatment and your three months of your hormonal therapy.

​Q. lipo 360 what wud the cost be approx.

Ans. To know anything related to cost message us on our following numbers

Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Sir u n ur crew are convenient to talk in Kannada??? I’m from Bangalore..

Ans. I don’t know kannada but there are my staffs who very well know kannada, they will answer your queries in common  language, they will talk to you and help you in every possible way.

  1. Prakhar mishra​ go for homyopathy surgery cost is too high

Ans. You are most welcome to get your treatment done from anywhere, either homeopathy or any form of treatment. My best wishes is with you, my surgery cost is always high because I cannot compromise on safety of my patients.

  1. Q. ​Sir mera surgery hoke 16 days hua hai….! Sir kab se main workout start kar sakta hu Sir

Ans. Have your sutures are removed and how are you feeling now. Tell other people about your experience from surgery, you can start doing normal workout, yoga and running. After one month you can start doing your gym.

​Q. any post-surgery medication?

Ans. If u think that u are completely healed then u can start workout,mif u feel discomfort u can wait for some time. U can do some actibitiee. U will be given medicines for one week which includes antibiotics, painkillers etc.

​Q. sir chati me jo gat hai vo kabhi kabhi dard hota hai …ye kya samsya hogi sir

Ans. Gynecomastia is not painful; the lump is basically the gland which is painful. For recovery from this you have to undergo surgery, you can send us pictures we will assess and evaluate it and then provide you the details.

Q.​sir behosh tablet se nhi ho sakta hai kya…

Ans. Injection are given for making you unconscious.

​Q. sir.. can yu can tell the right age for surgery??

Ans. Right age depends on your age, your condition and the problem which you are facing because of your gynecomastia. There is no fixed age for surgery, I have done surgery in the age group of 12-13 years to 60 to 65 years.

  1. which blood test before surgery

Ans. HIV, HBASG, HCV, PT, APTT, Complete hemogram, LFT, KFT are needed to be done before the surgery

  1. Q. ​sir, how do you archive teardrop implant… it’s a choice of implant or technique?

High profile implants are basically available;  the choice of your implant is the choice of your requirement. We choose the right size type of implant. Mostly silicone implants are preferred.

  1. sir liposuction se lipoma remove karane me kitne din me recovery ho jayegi . tummy me lipoma hai

Ans. It depends on the no and size of your lipomas present in your tummy area that liposuction is needed or not if it is clusters then we have to make small puncture hole. Contact us on our number, we will send u details.

​ Q. gym kitne baad join kar sakte hai

Ans. After your gyno surgery, you can join your gym after 4 weeks.

  1. ​sir gynocomestia surjary ke 1weak ke bad to steach nikal sakte h na kyuki reveiw ke liye dubara aane me thodi samasya hogi long tour ke karan

Ans. Stitches cannot be removed after one week of surgery, it needs 2 weeks to remove stitches because healing doesn’t take place completely after one week.

  1. liposuction ke baad heel hone me kitna time legega. garments lab tak pehnene honge

Ans. Usually 2-7 days is needed to heal from liposuction, it depends on the body part which is being treated. Garment has to be worn for a period of 2 months

  1. ​lipo 360 surgery is posted?

Ans. All abdomen liposuction is done by 360, when we do abdomen it means circumferential liposuction. 360 means we cover whole area of the abdomen entire abdomen is done upper lower and side back

  1. sir EMI ka koi option hai kya sir

Ans. Yes, we have EMI option, for this my team will help u in this. Contact on the following no.

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​ Q. sir ji aap gynecomastia surgery me local anesthesia nind me dete ho ya jab jage huye rahte tb dete ho

Ans. First we put intravenous cannula, then sedation injection is give  once u become calm after that local anaesthesia is given. Then we start infiltrating tumescent solution

​Q. sir to hame surjary karane ke 2weak Tak Delhi me rahna padega

Ans. You don’t need to stay for 2 weeks, you can go to your home on the same day after surgery. If you want to stay then we will make arrangements for your staying.

​Q. sir, I had my surgery last August, still my video not published in YouTube!! when it will be published I’m waiting for my operate video to see…:goodvibes:

Ans, We will definitely post your videos on You tube. Tell us how was your experience how u are feeling.

​Q. sir gynaecomastia surgery and hair transplant surgery me kitna din ka fark hona chahiye?

Ans. You can choose any one surgery, hair transplant take 6 to 8 hour to complete. Hair transplant takes longer recovery time as it is done on head it is not at all painful also, we can choose to do consequently or you can simultaneously get both corrected.

  1. Q. Can we alter jawline in facial feminizing surgery

Ans. Yes, we can alter jawline, we do all types of surgery from surgical to non surgical according to your clinical evaluation,  we can choose what is best suitable treatment for you.

  1. Sir sirf injection se lipoma pighal jayega kya ? ya fir operation karna padega. mujhe 100 lipoma hai.

Ans. Lipoma will not go form any injection, only operation is needed in which we do minimum invasive procedure. All injections will make your lipomas hard, you have to undergo surgery. ​

  1. Liphoma Janlewa to nahi hai sir

Ans. Lipoma is benign tumor, it is done by minimum invasive procedure it doesn’t cause any harm to the body.

​ Q. sir urethra k tip mei stricture ko kaise htate hai.what is cost

Ans. You  have to consult urology for this, I will advise you the best doctor for, he is my friend. I don’t do uretheral surgery

  1. sir can we come alone for gyno surgery

Ans. We don’t recommend you to come alone; at least one person should accompany you for surgery. If no one comes with you, tell us prior we will make arrangements for you.

​Q. firstly thank you very much sir. i feel very confident now. I’m wearing all tight t shirts without hesitation. first few days some un comfortable was there, but now feeling completely fine. ur great👍

Ans. We are thankful you for choosing us for your surgery, now you can wear t-shirt you see how much improvement is there. It is a life changing surgery, best of luck for your future.

  1. sir plz jammu me bhi clinic kholot

Ans. Today also a patient came from jammu to get his surgery done, you can come to our  Delhi centre for surgery.

  1. Q. ​gyno surgery and hair transplant surgery dono sath me karne pe hair transplant surgery ke results me koi damages nhi honge na??

Ans. The result will not be damaged different, the procedures are done on different body parts. Nothing will be affected.

  1. face moles problem

Ans. Send your face mole picture, the procedure of removing face mole is radiofrequency it is very safe. We have kept very reasonable cost for mole removal

  1. sir ji gynecomastia surgery ke baad kuch cases me urinate nahi hoti to vo q hota hai

Ans.  It is only due to pain, some people have pain and discomfort after surgery. Some pain and discomfort is  always there for sometime.

  1. Surgery ke turnat bd ja skte hai kya

Ans. We discharge  you after 2-4 hrs so that you become normal.

​ Q. sir aaj ke video nahi dale

Ans. It will take lot of time to post videos you  have to wait for it.

​ Q. ​sir gyno surgery ke baad chest me fluid filled na ho isleye khy precautions lene padte hai?

Ans. We will give you  compression garment for  preventing seroma  You can do whatever movement you want,  when fat is on removed the chances of fluid accumulation is more

  1. sir ji aap ne gynecomastia surgery me jo blood test bolte hai usme RFT,APTT ye yaha par available nahi hai to phir kya kare

Ans. We will arrange lab person for you , they can  come and do your blood test

​Q. sir hum student hai thora many Jada lag raha please help me

Ans, Coordinate with our team, they will guide us with it.

  1. HBSAG,HIV,HCB test karwana padega gynocomastia surgery se pehle ??

Ans. Yes, the tests are compulsory before doing any surgery, surgery cannot be done by doing this

  1. sir ap dr Lebowitz k jesa full video upload kijeye next time se 😁

Ans. Yes…I know, I do both surgical and non-surgical procedure. I don’t compete with other’s only result matters to me.  You can get your surgery done from any doctor it’s your choice.

  1. Q. ​sir mera multiple lipomas he. surgery karana chahta hu. full guide me

Ans. Contact us on the no, send us your details we will guide you for the treatment

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Now day’s open or not

Ans. We are open, pandemic is over since long time

At last he offer giveaway to his subscribers, those who will book surgery from today midnight to September end, he will choose one lucky winner form it, who will get flat 50% off on the surgery.

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