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Get rid of lipoma that is bothering you for so long

Lipoma is a kind of lump that can develop anywhere in the human skin. They are usually harmless and only in few cases the removal becomes necessary as when it starts getting bigger, or making you feel insecure about your appearance. Lipoma removal surgery is a very simple method to get rid of the unwanted lump that has been formed on your skin. Lipoma removal becomes even more necessary when patients with lipoma start feeling pain in these lumps. Lipoma surgery is considered pretty simple procedure but the nature of its invasiveness depends on the size and the location of the lipoma.

What is the cause of lipoma?

The exact reason of why lipoma takes place is still not known but many of the doctors believe that it happens due to some abnormality in the genes. It is also seen in various researches around lipoma that any kind of stress on soft tissue makes them prone to develop lipoma later. In 2 to 3 percent of patients with lipoma it is seen that they have inherited this condition from their parents.

How you will get rid of the unwanted lipoma

  • In lipoma removal surgery an excision will be made around the area where your lipoma is located.
  • Through the excision made by the surgeon, the lipoma will be removed from your skin.
  • After the removal of lipoma your skin will be stitched.
  • This surgery can take place in a doctor’s office or a cosmetic clinic as well.

Precautions after your lipoma removal surgery

  • It takes minimum 15 days for the stitched wound to get completely healed.
  • It is advised not to do any kind of heavy exercise till your recovery period.
  • Avoid taking any medications that can cause blood thinning as it might hinder with your recovery.
  • If you are regular consumer of alcohol, do not consume it till your wound gets completely healed.
  • Take only the prescribed painkiller if you are feeling any kind of discomfort.
  • Apply ice packs over the wound to decrease the swelling.

Is there an alternative to the lipoma removal surgery for treating lipoma?

A method called liposuction is used to remove large lipoma present on the skin. As the name suggest the lipoma gets suctioned out through this method. Medicated injections are also used to treat lipoma but there are not enough evidences to proof their effectiveness.

Why choose dezire clinic for your lipoma removal surgery

Dezire clinic has been in the field of cosmetic and surgical procedure for years now. We use the latest technology available in the market to give you a high class services. Dezire is known for maintaining an impeccable level of hygiene for a safe experience of our clients. We maintain confidentiality in our works to ensure that you will have a comfortable experience with us. You can call us on 9717470550 or you can email us at ( to book your free consultation.

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