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Get pimple free skin

What is your first expression after seeing pimple on your face?  You may be worried, sad or even thinking why this has occurred.

Morever, you have also tried searching treatments for pimples. You have tried different face wash, face mask or even tried natural home remedies from your kitchen items.  It may be possible that they have worked for you, because they have not treated the exact cause of pimples.

Let’s know about pimple and the treatment by which you can get a pimple free skin.

How are pimples formed?

Pimples are formed when there is too much production of sebum by sebaceous gland which causes irregular shedding of dead skin and growth of bacteria inside it. Pimple has raised red spots with a white centre. It more commonly occurs in teenage, more in boys as compared to girls. Commonly seen on face, but it can also be seen on neck, back, chest.

How are pimples caused?

Acne is formed when there is too much production of sebum. There are some other factors which favour the production of acne which are hormonal, medicines, diet, family history of acne, stress-(Although  stress doesn’t cause acne but if you have pimples then it can become worse with stress)

How to treat pimples?

The goal of treating pimples is to reduce oil production, increase the turnover of skin, to fight bacterial infection and to reduce inflammation.

Pimples are treated by the following methods:

Oral medicines– In some cases oral medicines are effective in reducing pimples, but in some cases it doesn’t work. This is also contraindicated in pregnancy mainly in first trimester.

Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion -Chemical peel and  microdermabrasions most effective when used in combination with other acne treatments.

Ozone Therapy -Ozone therapy is given on active acne and it works by killing the bacteria. It has no side effects and entire treatment is completed in 10 minutes. It requires around 5-6 sittings

Microdermabrasion-This is a new treatment for acne. With the help of a handheld device crystals will be blown on the skin, then with the help of a vacuum tube the crystals and dead skin cell will be removed which will give a smooth surface to the skin. Only top layer is targeted it doesn’t damage the skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser treatment -A laser beam is used for destroying the outer layer of the skin and it heats the underlying skin layer. The new skin is formed after the wound heals.  Less intense lasers (non ablative lasers), pulsed light sources and radio frequency devices don’t injure the epidermis. These treatments heat the dermis and cause new skin formation. At each session with the help of carbon laser all the cause of acne are treated while although results can be seen at the first sitting generally, minimum three sittings are needed at an interval of 2 week. Only mild effects are seen with laser skin rejuvenation which is swelling, itching, and lighter complexion of skin.

What is cost of pimple treatment?

At Dezire clinic Delhi, we offer the best treatment for pimple. Upon your personalized visit with doctor, he will discuss the right course of treatment for you and will also discuss the cost for your treatment. The cost of pimple treatment depends upon the surface area that needs treatment. To know exact cost of your treatment please make an appointment with one of our offices at Pune, Bangalore, Delhi or Gurgaon location. On your visit our expert doctors can give you an estimate of the cost for your treatment.

To know more about pimple treatment, please make an appointment with Dezire clinic, Delhi. On your visit, Dr Prashant Yadav will discuss the options available and the treatment that is most suitable for you.


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