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FTM top surgery

What is FTM top surgery and why do people opt for this surgery?

Female to male top surgery is for transgender and non-binary people. This surgery is done for the removal of the breast and chest tissues. The main goal of this surgery is to make your chest look masculine. People with smaller chest size can have their nipples and areola spared but if you have bigger busts than your nipples and areola will be taken off while surgery and after resizing it, it will be placed back into the position.

Why do people opt for this surgery?

Female to Male top surgery is a big step for the transgender men and non-binary people in the direction of fixing their gender identity. It can ease the discomfort of the people who differ from the gender identity assigned at the time of birth. It is a step towards physically belonging to the gender one thinks one belongs to.

Preparation before the surgery

  • This is a kind of masculinizing surgery that needs to be postponed till the time you reach adulthood.
  • Some people prefer to get hormone therapy before undergoing the surgery for a better result.
  • If you are undergoing hormone therapy, a blood test will be done to check the optimum amount of the testosterone hormone before the surgery.
  • You have to discuss your expectations from the surgery with the doctor and the risks associated with it.

What is the Procedure of FTM surgery?

  • In transmasculine surgery a procedure called mastectomy is used in which the breast tissue gets removed; this procedure is very similar to the procedure doctors recommend for treating breast cancer.
  • Your surgeon will remove the breast tissues and will give a flat contour to your chest.
  • You might have to undergo some other procedures for the placement of your nipple and areola or even liposuction to refine the look of your torso portion.

Recovery after the surgery-

  • You should avoid taking a shower as the wound from the surgery needs time to heal.
  • In the meantime you can use baby wipes or sponge baths to keep yourself clean.
  • You can use ice packs to avoid swelling and bruising from taking place.
  • It is strictly advised that you should not lift any heavy stuff in the first week of your recovery.
  • Eat healthy food, avoid smoking and alcohol and take plenty of rest for a quick healing.
  • You can use over the counter scar treatment to get rid of the scar you got from the surgery.

What is life like after FTM top surgery?

It might take a few months for the pain and the scars to go away. After a complete recovery people get an improved self- confidence and an increased quality of life. FTM top surgery results are immediate but it takes time for your body to get adjusted with the new changes that are occurring in the body.

Why choose dezire clinic for your FTM surgery?

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