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Effect of Cosmetic surgery on Bollywood Actress – Shilpa Shetty


The Information that I am going to share is at the best of my knowledge and the sources I have taken are from various media outlets and the information available on internet. I am not trying to defame anybody by any means this is purely for knowledge purpose. So sit tight and enjoy this.

Early Life( 1975 till 1992)

  • Shilpa Shetty (Stage Name) was born on 8 june, 1975 as Ashwini Shetty.
  • She is a trained Bharatnatyam Dancer and was once a volley ball player.

Started modeling along with studies and got a role in a commercial ad. Later on, she got recognized through her movie Baazigar (1992) and there was no coming back afterward.

How did she get in Shape post-pregnancy?

  • Shilpa Shetty Kundra had her first child as a boy when she was 37 years old during her pregnancy days she had gained 32 kgs and after that, she took the help of the diet and workout plans to get rid of the extra weight that every woman naturally put on during pregnancy due to lack of enough movements and exercise.
  • As She is an ectomorph she maintains a lean physique but during pregnancy, due to lack of physical movements she gained weight which was later on, shed off by her following a strict diet having high protein and low carbohydrates.
  • All the facts and whatever the regime followed by her was revealed by the Celebrity fitness trainer Vinod Channa in a conversation with entertainment times.


How she transformed her looks?

As per various NEWS outlets and some of her costars revelation she had gone through various surgeries some of them are mentioned over here:

  • Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
  • Treatments to improve complexion
  • Lip fillers and BOTOX
  • But the results or transformation that you see nowadays is not just because of the medical treatments Apart from getting surgeries she also takes care of her diet and is a fitness enthusiast. She primarily promotes Yoga from various platforms and doesn’t hesitate to share the diet she follows on a regular basis.
  • So let’s dig out how medical treatments and her own dedication changed her completely from what she was before and some of the drawbacks that she faced because of her cosmetic surgeries.
Some insights of the Cosmetic Procedures:
  • Nose Job (Rhinoplasty): In this procedure, the surgeon alters the shape of the Nose to give more definition and align it with the face. That’s the treatment she had gone through twice to get her preferred shaped nose.
  • BOTOX: These are some chemicals that are used to reduce skin wrinkles by relaxing the nerves of the face resulting in reduced forehead lines or Crow’s feet. These drugs are primarily meant to relax muscle contraction, which ultimately helps in getting wrinkle-free skin.
  • Complexion Improvement: Various treatments are available for improving complexion such as (LASER treatments) and celebrities are often go through these treatments to look their best and Shilpa Shetty is one of them.
Role of diet and Exercise
  • In her physical transformation not only surgeries but her diet and fitness regime helped her in maintaining the perfect and appealing physique. For Keeping her physique at the top-notch level she does Yoga on a regular basis.
  • As declared by her in June 2020 she has turned Vegetarian and most of her daily nutrition now comes from Plants and vegetarian sources.
  • She also runs her own Youtube channels ( Shilpa Shetty Kundra), ( Shilpa’s Yoga) for sharing various exercises, Yoga, and Diet routines to aware her audience about the lifestyle she follows to keep herself fit and young.

She is also an author and wrote a book with the name “ The Great Indian Diet” in 2014 to share the importance and benefit of the Indian diet scientifically. Instead of mimicking the western diet plans, she praised the benefit of the Indian style of cooking food.

Shilpa’s acceptance on Nose surgery:

She has accepted it publicly that she got a Nose job and there is nothing wrong about that.

Some not so appreciated results she got after cosmetic surgeries:

Anil Kapoor at a reality TV show “Koffee with Karan” revealed that she

(Shilpa Shetty) got some treatment for her lips and face that lands her in trouble when they were shooting for their movie Badhaai ho Badhaai(2002).

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