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Ditch your moles that you don’t like

Moles are known to beauty mark for some people when it is located in the right place. They can be present at birth or they may appear later in the life. Moles are the pigment producing cells which are present on the top layer of the skin. Their colour can be brown, blue or black. Moles may also be caused due to sun exposure.

Everyone has got moles on their body. It’s normal for a person to have 10-40 moles on their body. There are some moles which are not aesthetically appealing and they also produce some problems to you such as they may bleed on waxing or cause irritation on wearing clothes. If you are not happy at all with your moles it is better for you to get it removed.

How moles are removed?

This procedure does not take much time, sometimes only 10-20 minutes are needed to remove mole. If your moles are small it can be easily removed by Laser technique and if the moles are big then it will be only removed by surgical excision.

Surgically moles can be removed by:

Simple shaving without stitches

With the help of a scalpel, surgeon will shave the mole. Then with the help of an electrical instrument, the area will be cauterized or a solution will be placed on the area to stop bleeding. Wound will be covered with a bandage.

By excision with stitches

This procedure is done in areas which are cosmetically sensitive and there is more chance of scar formation. The mole is cleaned and numbed then with the help of scalpel the border and the surrounding of the mole are cut. Stitches are placed depending on the depth of the mole; they may be placed deeply or on the upper surface of the skin.

What are the risks of removing a mole?

The risk of mole removal can be infection or allergy to anaesthesia. One of the most common risks involved in mole removal is a scar formation after mole removal

Visit Dezire clinic if you want to remove your moles, Dr Prashant Yadav is going to remove it by minimal procedure under local anaesthesia process. For more and detailed information consult us at our clinic.


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