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Circumcision surgery in Delhi

Circumcision is a surgery that is performed to remove the foreskin of a man’s penis. This surgery is usually done on the newly born male baby. It is done as a part of some cultural and religious beliefs. Most of the boys get circumcised, within a week they are born. Some adult men also get this surgery but it is not that common. The benefit of circumcision is Lower chances of getting a UTI. It takes at least 1 week for the circumcised penis to heal.

What is done in circumcision surgery?

While performing circumcision surgery, the foreskin a piece of skin that covers the tip of the penis gets removed. When a baby is born his foreskin is attached to his penis and with passing time this foreskin gets separated from the penis and it is able to be pulled back. It is suggested to get the circumcision done as soon as the baby is born because delay in the surgery can make it riskier if done late.

How many people get circumcision done?

This surgery is one of the most common surgery opted by males. It is mostly opted by Muslim and Jewish people as a part of their religious beliefs.

What is the procedure of circumcision?

  • The patient opting for circumcision will be given acetaminophen to help with the pain of the surgery.
  • An anesthetic either in cream form or injection form will be applied to numb the area.
  • Your surgeon will separate the foreskin from the tip of the penis and then with the help of a scalpel the foreskin will be removed.
  • Just after removing the foreskin, surgeon will apply ointment and wrap it in a fine mesh cloth.
  • This surgery take only half hour and less to get finished

Is circumcision painful?

Like all the other surgical procedures, circumcision can be a bit painful but the surgery will be performed with the help of anesthetics that means you will not feel the pain. When it comes to after surgery experience you can manage discomfort with the help of prescribed pain killers.

Can an adult get circumcision surgery?

So many adult men who did not get this surgery when they were born opt for this procedure after becoming an adult. The procedure for the circumcision surgery remains the same whether you do it as a baby or as an adult. Circumcision surgery as an adult might take longer to be done as compared to a baby’s circumcision.

Recovery procedure after circumcision surgery

  • Take only prescribed painkillers if you feel any discomfort.
  • Keep applying Vaseline to the area or an ointment given by your doctor after each diaper change.
  • You should wash the area gently till the time it gets recovered.

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