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Case Study: Breast fat transfer for Increase breast size

Who doesn’t want to be the best fit in every selfie and looking aesthetically appealing in every picture is like a cherry on the cake. In human beings, it is a natural tendency to look good for feeling good, and for that, they try different things whether it’s the workout, Diet, cosmetic procedures, etc. You can alter or transform some bit of you, following a diet or workout routine but to get much better results people opt for cosmetic procedures, Women having issues with their breast size often go through breast Implants but that procedure can leave scars at the crease of the Breast which downgrades the aesthetics, but with fat transfer breast augmentation they don’t have to afraid about getting scars. So, let’s jump into how this treatment is done and the benefits of it over Breast Implants.

What is Breast Augmentation?

  • It is the procedure in which the breast size of the patient is increased using some methods like breast implants or fat transfer techniques to provide a fuller and significant size breast to the women.
  • In Fat transfer breast augmentation is done by inserting the patient’s body fat in the breast area.

How is the fat transfer being done for Breast augmentation?

  • In this procedure, the surgeon would give proper markings to the area, to the donor, and to the recipient area.
  • Now, Local or general anesthesia is given to start the procedure.
  • Fluid will be inserted into the donor area to melt the fat so it becomes easier to take out the fat.
  • The fat from the patient’s body could be taken out from the area which has a significant amount of fat whether it is the abdomen, back, and thighs.
  • Now, the VASER liposuction technique would be used to remove the fat, and then it is collected and cleaned for the Injections.
  • The treated fat would now be transferred to the breast area so that the size of the breast would get increased.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation:

  • Scarless results as only puncture holes are made while transferring the fat to the breast area. For those who don’t want any scarring, this is the procedure they can go through.
  • Significant increase in the size of the breast after the procedure.
  • As the fat used is of the Patient’s body and the body is already familiar with the fat due to which several complications are avoided.
  • Good contours are achieved with ease and in a less painful way.

Why Choose Dezire clinic?

Women who feel awkward and shy about their breast size desperately try various things from home remedies to some exercise from Diet to some medications but when nothing work the self-esteem downgrades further and that’s where cosmetic treatment like Breast augmentation comes into play that can take them out from this shyness and in the Dezire clinic where Dr. Prashant Yadav the renowned surgeon of India with over decadal experience do these kinds of aesthetic enhancement surgeries the chances of getting the desired results is next to guaranteed. If you are someone who is looking for a breast augmentation treatment that is scarless and safe you can dial the mentioned numbers according to their respective branches.

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