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Can Low Testosterone Cause Gynecomastia In India

Testosterone is the main thing in men’s hormones. If testosterone levels are high in males hormones they will feels strong and scholarly. But when testosterone level is getting low, it starts to drop you and you can suffer from the side effects. Man’s between ages 18 to 30 years old, normal testosterone level varies between 300-1000 ng.dL.

Let us know what is low Testosterone?

After the age of 30, your Testosterone production getting slow down. You can lose around 1% of testosterone every year. And at the age of 60, the large number of males are clinically hypogondal. Means their hormone level falls below the normal level, this situation is called as Low Testosterone.

But it’s not the condition which arises for those who are aging. It is the condition which occurs during earlier ages too. In fact in India 1 in 4 men’s suffers from this problem.

If your testosterone level is low, eventually you will start to suffer from Gynecomastia. You will also start to develop your breasts.

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Prakash Vaser Gynecomastia

[dt_sc_testimonial image=”″ name=”Prakash” role=”Pune”]Doctor Prashant Yadav is excellent. I had an Gynecomastia with him and I’m extremely happy with the result. He really listened to what I wanted and achieved that 100%.

You feel very confident in him because he always listens attentively and provides plenty of information on how the procedure will work and all pre and post op things to be aware of so that you know exactly what to expect.

He is nothing but professional and his work is excellent. His team are also great. Extremely friendly and make you feel very comfortable. They are always happy to help if you have any concerns or questions. I fully recommend these guys 100%.[/dt_sc_testimonial]

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