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Breast Implants Boob Job Youtube Videos

A lot of females opt for breast augmentation nowadays. Breasts, they feel, are a mandatory sense of their identity. Having big, in-shape breasts makes them feel more confident, attractive, desirable. It is not for the sake of others. It is for the girls, women themselves! It boosts their self-esteem & their sense of femininity. These were the inputs given by a lot of females who opted for a breast implant surgery.

Modern science has made it possible for females with underdeveloped or flat breasts to get these implants & strut around more confidently &assertively.

Basically any healthy female who is 18+ years of age can opt for a breast augmentation surgery. First step is to visit a surgeon who will assess the individual’s body health & suggest the future course of action.

There are broadly two types of implants which can be opted for:-

  • Silicone implants:- Silicone implants are silicone shell filled with a plastic gel(silicone). Many females who opted for silicone implants have given a positive feedback saying the implants gave them a feel like real breasts.
  • Saline filled implants have sterile salt water(saline) as the constituent within the silicone shells.

This surgery is generally completed within 2 hours by making a small incision for the implant insertion. After the surgery is completed, there is minimal scarring initially. However, with the passage of time the scarring gets diminished. The incision is made keeping in mind the brassiere outline on the body. Hence the minimal mark of incision gets covered by the brassieres in the initial period.Individuals normally return to their normal office job(if the job profile does not involve manual strain) within 2-3 days after the surgery.

Check out this playlist to find out more details about the process…

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