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Are you aware of the issue of male breasts? Do you know about male breast reduction surgery?

Do you have any knowledge about the condition called gynecomastia? It is a serious issue that occurs mostly in boys of teenage and adult males. This condition occurs when the level of testosterone in your body reduces to a very low amount and oestrogen level increases to an unnecessary level in the body. This condition results in a situation where the chest of a man starts growing like a woman’s breasts. This makes a man feel deprived of their masculinity. Male breast reduction surgery can help these men gain the sense of security and masculinity in their body increasing self confidence and self love.

What are the most common reasons that can cause gynecomastia?

The most common reason behind gynecomastia issues are

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Fast food and junk diet
  • Hormonal changes in teenage
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Long term health conditions like aids and diabetes
  • Consumption of certain medications and steroids.

What is the procedure of gynecomastia surgery at our clinic?

  • We use the latest laser, vaser, microaire technique to treat our patients according to their condition and budget constraint. Generally people opt for lasers as a method of melting fat from the chest area. Laser, Vaser and microaire are various kinds of rays and you can choose any one from them for melting the fat present in your chest.
  • In the consultation with our medical counsellors you can share your pictures where the medical counsellor will  explain the complete procedure in detail with all precautions included.
  • Before your surgery you will be given general or local anaesthesia depending on the severity of your condition and personal preference. General anaesthesia makes you sleepy and you will not feel any discomfort during your surgery but in local anaesthesia you will be awake but won’t be able to feel any sensation while surgery will be taking place.
  • A small puncture hole will be made near your areola and through that laser/vaser/Microaire rays will be passed to melt the fat.
  • The melted fat will be removed from your chest with a suction device.
  • After removing the fat cells from the chest, the gland tissue present in your chest will be removed with a surgical forceps 
  • After removing fat and gland tissue, your minor incision will be stitched and a dressing will be placed on that area.
  • A chest compression garment will be given to you for ensuring the safety of the treated area.

What precautions are important after your gynecomastia surgery?

  • It is important to avoid any kind of strain on your chest and underarms area. Avoid lifting heavy objects, exercising and sleeping on your chest to keep the chest area safe.
  • Take the seven day course of medication that will be given to you by our surgeon. These medications include antibiotics and anti-inflammatory that ensures a quicker recovery.
  • Take proper rest for a better healing
  • Use the compression garment as suggested by our surgeon.
  • Apply healing ointment on the site of surgery to prevent scarring
  • Eat a nutrient rich light meal at least for 15 days after your surgery.

Can gynecomastia return after your surgery took place?

When the gynecomastia surgery is done by a qualified and experienced surgeon, there are no chances of the condition to return but in very few exceptional cases it can occur which is not preventable by any measures.

What is the cost of gynecomastia surgery in India?

The cost of manboobs removal surgery depends on the factors like geographical location of the clinic, experience of the surgeon, techniques chosen, type of anaesthesia, your unique condition, your weight and grade of gynecomastia. To get an estimate of your unique surgery, you have to talk to our medical counsellors and discuss the various factors that will decide the estimated cost of your surgery.

Why is Dezire clinic the Best clinic for your Gynecomastia surgery?

Looking for cosmetic treatment, Dezire clinic has been in the field of cosmetic and surgical procedures for years now. We use the latest technology available in the market to give you high-class services. Dezire is known for maintaining an impeccable level of hygiene for a safe experience for our clients. We maintain confidentiality in our work to ensure that you will have a comfortable experience with us. You can call us at 9717470550 or you can email us at ( to book your free consultation.

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