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Are hair transplants permanent? Dezire Clinic

Fue hair transplant

The technology used for hair transplant has come a long way. It has become better and better over these years. Gone are the days when hair transplants were considered a patchy appearance on the head with very prominent hair plugs giving a weird appearance to your head. Hair transplant also known as hair restoration is a one day procedure where your own healthy hair follicles are extracted from your head and transplanted in the bald patches where you need hair growth.The results delivered by your hair transplant take time in developing but once developed they are permanent in nature. The procedure is of 4 to 5 hours and it requires a healing and recovery process as well. If you are experiencing extreme hair fall then you are an ideal candidate for hair transplant procedure.

Why is hair transplant considered permanent?

In the procedure of hair transplant, hair grafts are taken from your scalp and transplanted into the area where you are facing the issue of hair thinning. It requires some time for healing for your scalp. Your transplanted hairs will fall out in the initial three months after your hair transplant surgery. The healing period required for hair transplant is 6 to 12 months which means you have to patiently wait for your results in this recovery time. The hairs that will grow after hair transplant will naturally fall and grow again. When the growth cycle starts it is going to remain like that. Your hair will naturally keep growing just like the hairs of a normal person. There is no way that your hairs will return to the same position they were earlier in. However, the transplanted hair follicles have a lifespan much like the rest of your hair follicles. They might eventually quit producing as much hair as they once did.

Is there any chance that you need another hair transplant?

There is a possibility that your initial hair transplant will not be your last hair transplant. Some people need to undergo more than one hair transplant procedure to get the exact result they want. Some patients will be informed by their doctor that they require repeated transplant “sessions” in order to get the desired results. After their initial hair transplant has healed, some patients decide to try to fill in more balding regions on their head because they are happy with the results.

What are the various methods of hair transplant?

The most popular methods used for hair transplant are FUT and FUE. In a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) surgery, a strip of your own hair follicles from the back of your head are transplanted to bald or thinning portions of your head. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Small punctures are used to transplant hair follicles from all over your head to bald or thinning parts of your scalp. In Dezire clinic we use FUE hair transplant as it is known for its efficient and long lasting results while causing no scarring whatsoever. 

How does your hair appear after hair transplantation?

It will take some time to see the results after the hair transplant procedure. You might notice an increased level of hair fall after your procedure in initial months of recovery. Our surgeon will assure you that this hair fall is normal. Once your scalp has been completely healed your new follicles will start growing and this new hair growth will have the same texture and length as the rest of your hairs.

What results can you expect in the long-term after your hair transplant?

Long-term durability of your hair transplant is guaranteed. The hair follicles may shrink with age, but they will almost certainly continue to produce at least some hair for the rest of your life. Your hairline won’t move back in line with your previous ‘pattern’ of natural hair loss if your hair thinning persists. Our surgeon will have a thorough conversation with you about the strategy for preventing uneven or unnatural-looking hair in the years after your hair transplant.

Are you looking for a hair transplant in India?

Dezire Clinic has long been acknowledged as one of the most respected facilities for medical and aesthetic procedures. To provide our customers with a distinctive experience, we only use the most cutting-edge equipment and technology. For the safety of our patients, Dezire is renowned for maintaining a high standard of hygiene. In order to make sure that being with us will be enjoyable for you, we maintain confidentiality in every aspect of our procedures. We have locations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Bangalore, five of India’s major cities. To schedule your free consultation, contact us by phone at 9717470550 or email at

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