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3 ways to erase crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are actually deep wrinkle lines around the corner of your eyes after years of making different expressions. Commonly people address it as happy lines but actually, people having are not happy in any instance possessing this. Mostly it’s hereditary effect or say genetic effect like if your parents struggled with them, you may as well. People sometimes creasing on the upper eyelid, also known as “hooding” which happens naturally as the skin around the eyes begin to relate with crow’s feet.  Knowing whether actually, you have developed crow’s feet is not tough in women when their eye makeup starts smearing it’s a clear sign while men tend to notice them during summers.

There are three ways you can correct your crow’s feet:

  • Eyelift: it treats upper or lower portion of the eye depending on needs. It’s not a cure to hereditary crow’s feet, though it can impact the look of ageing eyes, especially when performed in combination with the facelift or any other facial enhancement procedure. Supplementary “browlift” is also a common counterpart to an eyelift, because it can effectively reduce “hooding” on the upper eyelids and those forehead lines that can add age to the eyes.
  • Laser resurfacing: it works much deeper than a chemical peel to refine the facial skin’s look. While it’s not a permanent fix for wrinkles or crow’s feet, etc. Laser resurfacing using a powerful fractional CO2 laser can significantly change the appearance of skin on the face, making features appear brighter and more youthful.
  • Filler: these Injectable fillers work well on forehead lines, making it a helpful companion in the fight against wrinkles on the upper third of the face. This is also a good option for correcting crow’s feet typically its effect lasts for about four to six months. Re-touch up is needed every 3 to 4 months in this as it’s not a permanent solution for this problem.

All the above listed options need a required number of sittings for long-term results.

At Dezire clinic, Delhi you can get this procedure under the expert guidance of our senior Dr. Prashant Yadav he’s his name in the cosmetic world. He’ll recommend you the number of sessions required during your consultation with him.  Every procedure is successful in its own way it’s all about suiting and result depending on your skin and severity of the problem.

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