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  1. I want to know that after gyno surgery it can come back

Ans.  Gyno surgery is one time procedure, we are removing glandular tissue, and extra breast tissue as well as all the extra fat, there is no chances of regrowth.

  1. ​sir ist stage h gynaecomastia ka kitna charge lagega

Ans. Send your details our team will contact you Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​ Q. do you do bbl?

Ans. BBL is known as Brazilian butt lift.  In this we can give hour glass shape of the back and remove fat from lower back. We can do fat transfer to hip and buttock region. In this there is excessive protrusion of hip region, some people want to get a bigger gluteal region and hip. If you want to have more narrow curve it involves liposuction and fat transfer of lower back region

  1. ​sir , while making video of gyno please mention grade of each patient.

Ans. We are not mentioning because it is rough estimate, some patient has fat in underarm region as well. The cost and expenses depend on the fat in the axillary region also. Patient will come with the videos about gynecomastia grade, it is impossible to tell grade because of previous condition, to give wrong estimation we will put grade in each video. We have to see other features such as medical condition, weight of patient, etc. I will try to put grade in each video

  1. government hospital me gynaecomastia ka operation hota h ya nahi…

Ans. I will not be able to help you in this because I don’t go to government hospital; you have to search it by yourself.

  1. sir if i remove lipoma from my body then it never come back or come in 1or 2 years plz reply me sir

Ans. No, lipoma will not come back again, once it is removed, because when we completely remove it the complete fibrous capsule inside the lipoma, it will not come back.

  1. sir hair fall fall and hair dandruff Ka treatment? prp session is available

Ans. All the treatment are available. We have to examine your scalp and hair, check your nutrition level and after that we can tell your treatment. We use PRP with GFC in which the concentrate of factor is very high. It stimulates hair growth, maintenance of hair, if you are having significant hair fall, please consult and do not wait. If you care from initially hair fall will be controlled. I advise if you are having more than 50 to 100 hair fall then start treating it.

  1. ​hai dr prashant how r u today? since im nt in delhi now due to covid but aftr im bck to delhi will surely get d procedure from you only.

Ans. You can come whenever you want. The situation will improve you decide according to your financial condition, you can come at any time

  1. sir do you do bariyatric surgery… if yes what’s the cost….

Ans. It is done by bariyatic surgeon they are done by general surgeons, they are laproscopic surgeron.  You can WhatsApp on our know that u want baratic surgey and i will arrange for you.

  1. sir lipoma removal ka best option kya hai liposuction ya cut ke through. hands me aprox 100 lipoma hai

Ans. If 100 lipomas cannot be removed by liposuction, single isolated lipoma is removed by liposuction. Fine structures are there in hand therefore we avoid liposuction, because there are chances of injury. Don’t think that one puncture hole can remove whole lipoma; we can remove lipoma by making small puncture holes.

  1. ​can I go for fat transfer instead of breast argumentaion with sillicon implants?

Ans. If one cup size  is small projection is needed then you can go for fat transfer rather than implant. For transgender fat transfer is not recommended because they want bigger size and projection.

Q.​sir after surgery I will go home by bus .. hospital to my house 8 hours by bus after opening I will go home it’s no prob

Ans, which surgery u are planning for, you can travel by bus, it is a day care procedure

​ Q. which tests are conducted before gyno surgery

Ans. My team will tell u the name of tests which are recommended for gynecomastia surgery

​ Q. sir gynaecomastia ka scar rah jata h kya

Ans. Scar is not visible as it is made  below nipple areolar region

​Q. ​Sir Meri Surgery 16 Days Hogye Aur Sir Meri Left Side Main Swelling Hai Aur Sir Left Side Ka Nipple Thoda Bhar Ko Aa Rha Hain

Ans. One side swelling will be there you have to wait for 2 weeks….if you want to consult, contact our team they will contact you.

​Q. sir lipomas remove ke bad kisi or jagape hota ha kya ya fir nahi hota

Ans. Lipoma is not a cancer , they don’t come after removal. If we remove lipoma from one part it will not come. It is rarely painful, aesthetic reason surgery is done. There are lot of myth about lipoma, by removing lipoma it doesn’t grow at any other place, science doesn’t tell that by removing from one place it will come back. If it is genetically driven then it will come back at some other place. It is fatty tissue tumor but not malignant.

​ Q. gynocomastia surgery cost kitna aata h sir..

Cost is very affordable for gyno surgery, contact our team for that.

​Q. Sir mene 19=08-2020 Dezire me aapke pas chin liposuction, But mera Skin Hardness waha ka wahi hai, jo unnatural lag raha hai

Ans. You have fat in neck region also, so initially there is stiffness. You have got lot of fat before in your chin from now there is lot of improvement. You are advised to wear compression garment and  to do massage. We cannot do liposuction in chin area, the hardness and stiffness will recover. Keep in touch with us regularly

​Q. Hello Sir, Do your clinic perform electrolysis of white beard and if yes.. can I have both lipo and electrolysis same day ?

Ans. I do FUE technique, electrolysis is not helpful for white beard I only recommend FUE you can do at same time along with liposuction

​Q. gynocomastia surgery me daag ho jayega kya sir

Ans. No, there will be no scar in Gynecomastia surgery

  1. ​gynocomastia surgery ke baad defence me selection me koi dikkat to nhi h sir

Ans.  They can temporary reject you in the surgery. Its better to undergo Gynecomastia surgery.

​Please contact us at 9717470550 / 9205950249 for appointment at Delhi / Gurgaon

​Q. kya ek bar hone ke bad fir se ho sakta hai aa nahi sir

Ans. Tell me about the treatment you are asking, if we completely remove it will not recur

​ Q. sir my skin is loos nd i fear after gyno surgery skin hanging down more?

Ans. If it is loose from before then it will improve, send your picture I will assess if additional treatment is needed or not, if it is very loose we can do skin excision, we can  correct severe contraindications of the surgery also.  Send your pictures at

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​Q. mera defence me sirf medical examination bacha hai but mujhe gyno hai kya select ho paunga ya after surgery select ho paunga

Ans. Why are you waiting for this. if you want to get surgery see your picture we will asses you and then give you the proper treatment for it

​ Q. Sir I have multiple lipoma in my abdomen as a bunch like structure & some small lipomas in my both hand so I want to remove these lipomas plz suggest me date for this?

Ans. We can remove it in single session done under la. Send ur lipoma pictures we will provide u all the details.

  1. ​sir Crona test to nhi lagega na

Ans. It can only be done if  gyno have any past history or any symptoms of corona.

​ Q. sir maine suna hai meri friend ne tummy tuck karaya …usne kaha bahot problem hota infact breathing aur khasi mai.bhi problem hoti..jaise bolte hai waise nahi hota meri.friend ne chrysalis hospital se karaya tha surgery Dr.salil Patil se’

Ans. Tell us if she has lifetime breathing problem with tummy tuck, during recovery period it involves muscle tightening  for closing rectus abdominal muscle. Initially recovery period is more therefore some discomfort is there, it is safe and give amazing and faster result.

​ Q. Hi doctor 2 weeks ho gye surgery ko abhi shaam m sutures niklvane hai, surgery se pehle ek doubt tha ki muscle loss to ni hoga par muscle u ki u h aur achi shape aagyi h ek dum zabardast.

Ans. That is good feedback you have explained simply. I am very thankful to you, you have recovered very well share your feedback so that other can get  some positivity from it

​ Q.  ​after seeing my photo tell me exact grade of gyno

Ans. You can send your picture I will tell  you the grade and cost

  1. sir will the nipple get into correct shape in grade 4 after gyno surgery

Ans. In grade 4 excess skin is there, we have to decide whether we have to remove skin in one go or you have to wait. If skin is very loose then we can do simultaneously nipple repositioning, it depend on you and your present condition, after seeing your picture we will tell a customize plan for you.

​Q. Sir Abdomen me bunch like lipomas ko vaser liposuction se treat kiya jata hai kya?

Ans,  VASER Liposuction is additional treatment for removing fat. Up to one limit fat can removed by liposuction, multiple lipomas by removing making puncture holes only. ankit rajak

​ Q. sir Sunday ko vi apka clinic open rhta ha

Ans. Yes, we are open on Sundays also

  1. What ll be the recovery period in the tummy tuck

Ans. 3 to 7 days is needed for initial recovery; it depends on how you tackle your mind and how you handle your pain. I advise everyone to keep your mind; calm and composed ignore any pain and comfort. Without mind support body will not heal

  1. mera sargary hone me eight nine month ho gaya hai sir mera left ka thoda bada hai sir kya kare

Ans. Send your picture from both sides, both chest size are not equal, there is normal anatomical variation. Send your  picture we can check it

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272


  1. sir i am sudhir k ravi from ranchi i want to do sex change

Ans. We are performing top and bottom surgery. Our team will contact you regarding sex change  surgery

  1. ​sir ek bar hair transplant ho gaya he to iar ek bar thodi density badhani he to ho sakta he kya

Ans. If density is less we can add on more, there is no issue in re-surgery and addition

  1. Sir can I perform my daily routine after 2-3 days of lipomas surgery?

Ans. After next day of your lipoma surgery you can do exercise

  1. sir purane khule kapde donate kr diye hai aur tight tshirts le li h bright colors m white orange etc pichle 4-5 saal m ye colors ni pehne the

Ans. This is a new change that you can change your clothes colour that you can wear tight t-shirt also, thank you for giving this information. It will be more ease to person who are planning for surgery

  1. Lipoma and ftm me muscle damage hote hai kya?

Ans. Our plane of action is not on muscle. We only target fat on superficial layer, we don’t damage  pectrolis  major muscle.

  1. What is done in vaginoplasty ?If a girl is no married she can go for surgery

Ans. Vaginoplasty is there to regain vagina shape before pregnancy for  its tightening , it removed extra mucosa and tightens the muscle. This is no scars, recovery time is 3 to 5 days, no problem regarding normal routine activities. Even for unmarried it is option, if she doesn’t want surgery laser treatment is also available.

  1. sir presure garment kitne dun phnna pdta ha

Ans.You have to wear it for2 months

​ Q. sir ahmedabad me hota hai lipoma ka srgyry or kay fees hai

Contact on ahembad no.

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

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