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🔴 Live Sawal Jawab 🔴 Dr Prashant. Plastic Surgeon Discuss Your Doubts @DezireClinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during this live session were:

  1. Q. ​sir gyno ki surjery karvani kab aaye

Ans. I mention you the number of the clinic, you can call on this no for any information. Any cost related and test related things will be told to you. Then you can decide when you can go for surgery.

Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Q. ​sir surgery ke baad normal chest kitne dino ho jati h

Ans. Final result takes around 2-3 months. The first 48 hours is difficult when your body adapts to it you will not have any problem.  Dressing is done after 2-3 days and after that suture removal is done after 14 days. Hardness and stiffness will take around 1 to 3 months to go.

​ Q. after gyno surgery ke bad body pe scar reh jate hai kya

Ans.  You can check our previous videos the scar after the surgery. I assure you to give best result; the scar is not visible after 2-3 months it begins to fade with time. You can go for any police or medical examination after the surgery.

  1. sir please Mera no feed Karo watts up no hai masge Karo pic bhejon ga next month iam coming from Saudi Arabia. 0597902734🙏🙏

Ans. Call us on your no you will get all the information for the surgery. Send your pictures on our number Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. How much liposuction is safe in percentage

Ans. Liposuction is very safe. If we are doing properly, with  proper machine, right skilled  and with experienced  doctor then it is 100% effective. If the proper protocols are not followed for liposuction then there might be some complications which can be easily managed. There is no permanent, risks and side effeccts of the procedure

  1. Q. Liposuction is painful or painless

Ans. You will be given anaesthesia before the surgery. The aim of surgery is to give result without any side effect. The surgery result in same whether you do in local or general anesthesia.

  1. lipoma karne ke baad recovry kitne din me hoti hai

Ans. Lipoma removal is day care procedure, we discharge you in single day. Recovery time is one day, not many restrictions and no many side effects. Dressing is after 2 days, there is no stitches or marks in this procedure. If there is multiple lipoma then it take more time. First remove the lipomas which are causing pain and troublesome for it.

  1. sir surjery ka koi certificate dete ho

Ans. Yes, we provide discharge summary. For rest we provide medical certificate

  1. oppoinment ke baad kitna samay lagta hai lipoma nikalne ke liye

Ans. When you do your booking a date will be given to you, on that date your surgery will be done.

  1. Q. ​sir do you operate on Sunday ?

Ans. Yes, I operate on Sundays, If I take off on Sundays then I cannot do surgery on five centres.

  1. ​starting charges

Ans. Depending on the body parts we take charges. Contact on our no. you will get to know details Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

Q.sir full body checkup me kya kya check hota h

Ans. We do blood test. If you want to do full body check-up then go to general physician, if you opt for surgery then we will do your full body check-up before surgery.

  1. sir ek side fat slow ban raha h to koi dikkat to nhi cover hojayge

Ans. You are talking about gynecomastia one sided, problem is there you check it with it. At least send your picture you will get to know more details about it and its treatmnet.

  1. sir mujhe kai dino se pet me dard ho rha tha to mene dr. se check kray or test me kidni stone pta chala h to ab me kidni stone ki dwa lu to koi problem to nhi hoga na

Ans. No, there is no problem with it

  1. Q. sir scare remove hoga

Ans. Yes, we can remove scar

  1. sir I m confused between chest fat and gyno

Ans. We have posted the video I have made demo in patient. I have shown in live with proper explanation you can go and check it

  1. sir surgery me jo stiches lagte hai uske nishan reh jate h use remove kaise kiya jaye

Ans. Stitches are seen  after surgery and with time it start healing and it became fade.

  1. sir after surgery future me kisi bhi type ka complication to nahi honge naa

Ans. There will be no complications in future after surgery.

  1. sar namaskar mujhe lipuma ka sarjri karbana h. hathome khr cha kitna lgega isbat ki chinta h.

Ans. You will get the charges for it, the cost will be told to you on consultation. Contact on our no you  will get to know the cost. Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir 25 ho gye gno surgery ab m hard chest exercise start kr skta hoon

Ans. Yes. You can start doing hard exercise and gym

  1. sir if i get surgery of gyno and lyposuction of stomach and thigh on same day, will it effect my recovery ?

Ans. No problem at all, we do very frequently multiple body liposuctions in same time. If you are very morbid and have medical problem. For gyno 2-3 days, liposuction- 3-4 days and thighs- 5-7 days will be needed for recovery. Some pain and discomfort increases, we evaluate and each and every thing according to the amount of fat which is needed to be removed

  1. sir liposuction se body ka size badhaya ja skata h

Ans. Liposuction is used for removing fat. In liposuction we removed fat if it is needed to remove then we can transfer it to the region where it is needed

  1. sir jharkhand me apka koi clinic ni h

No, we don’t have any clinic there. You can take online, telephonic consultation form here. Right now I have centre in Delhi, Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Ahembadad.

  1. sir surgery karwane ke liye aau to kisi relative ko sath lana jaruri hai . kya single aa kar surgery karwa sakte hai . gyno surger

Ans. You can come alone; if you accompany someone then it will be better to accompany you

  1. sir augumention to increase right??

Ans. Yes, augmentation is done for increasing the size, fat is taken from one region and then it is transferred to the region where fat is to be transferred.  Fat transfer can be done to the region of face, butts, breasts and penile region.

  1. surgery k next day bike ride kr skte h sir ?

Ans. After 24 hours you can do self-driving.

  1. weight loss pills lerae to surgery se kitne days pehle stop

Ans. Tell me how much weight you have lost with weight loss pills. Pills reduce your appetite and your exercise help you in losing weight. You can stop taking it one week before the surgery.

​ Q. sir koi oil recommened kijiye to grow beard

Ans. No oil is there to grow beard.

  1. gynocomastia surgery can effect on infertility

Ans. No. because we remove fat and glands, males do not feed there is no role of glandular tissue. Gynecomastia surgery is only done for chest. It has no relation with any reproductive organ.

  1. laxative and dieuritics 1 week pehle

Ans. Yes, you can stop that. I do not recommend it. You simply control your diet and do exercise

  1. Thank you sir for specially coming to delhi on 31st. I have an appointment on 31st cant wait to meet you.

Ans. I will definitely come

  1. sir jikna gyno hota h unka estrogen level jada hota hai kya

Ans, No, it’s necessary that estrogen level should be high. It is high in starting and after 17 years its level decreases.

  1. sir kesr pata lagay ga dr experience haii ?

Ans. You are wise and intelligent to judge it.  You check the surgeon who is doing surgery and giving result.

  1. Sir. When you upload feedback of moles removal case.

Ans. When a patient will come of mole removal,  then I will upload it.

  1. sir how to check the hormonal imbalance and what r the tests one should try to check

Ans. Serum testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are there to check for hormonal imbalances. Visit endocrinologist they will suggest you the list of test

  1. hlo sir grade 4a tha or 25 days ho gye hain but sides abhi thodi si latki hui lgti hai vaise result s very happy hoo

Ans. Do exercise and see  result after 3 months you will get the result.  You are happy that matters the most

  1. Sir mere eye brow pe zakham hai uski plastic surgery karwani hai

Ans. We can do eyebrow transplant, or scar revision scar excise. or semi-permanent makeup which is microblading

  1. sir What is seroma.? any side effect

Ans. No side effect of the surgery. Seroma is a fluid collection. It goes on its own

  1. sar ganon ki surgery karai do Mahina ho Gaya abhi bhi chest Mein

Ans. Visit our centre, we will check it

  1. How to make face beautiful

Ans.  There are lots of surgical and non-surgical options available to make your face beautiful. Surgical-nose surgery, face surgery, face lift, blepharoplasty. Depending on your requirement we can customize your plan and suggest the treatment

  1. sir mene aapki team se baat ki banglore me muje local anesthesia me grade 2 ki surgery karwani h painful to nahi hogi or recovery thik se ho payegi ya nahi

Ans. Yes, we do under local anaesthesia with sedation. You don’t have any pain and smooth recovery. You will get 100% surgery

  1. Sir I Talk With Ur Team On Whatsapp Mera Grade 3 Hai To General Anesthesia Mei Ho Jayegi Surgery

Ans. Yes, it can be done under general anaesthesia

​Q. sir aapne ab tk kitni gynecomastia ki surgery ki hai and kitne years se aap ye kar rahe hai

Ans. I don’t remember the number of surgeries which I have done, I don’t count. You can see our videos and see the surgeries which I have done

  1. mene delhi me ek doctor se baat ki unhone bola ki muscle se uper ek layer fat ki chhodna or nippal andar nahi ghusna chahiye esa apne surgeon ko bata dena or chest ekdam chipak kar andar na ghus jaaye. ​kya aap bhi ye saari chheje dhyan me rakh kar karte h ye muje dar lag rha

Ans. The result which we have given we have done this thing by taking all things in consideration. I only want to give you the best result, See my result, my feedback and the surgeries,  this is very common things we do these things by taking care of all other things. I do proper care in every surgery, we check our feedback in every video

  1. Sir Stitches Kabh Khulte Hai Or Dressing Kabh Khulti Hai Gyno Surgery

Ans. Stitches are removed after 2 weeks and dressing after 3 days of surgery

​Q. sir tumcha kiti year cha opration cha expriance ahe

Ans.  It is all written on my website

  1. nahi sir fake nahi h lekin mere doubt clear ho jaayenge to dar khatam ho jayega isliye puchha ye hi ek tareeka h aapse directly baat karne ka

Ans. My result only comes because I take care of all things.

  1. Sirr appointment aur Surgery eki din me hojaayegaa yaaaa dho theen din lagegaa…? kyum ki ham bhahuth door se aaanaaa padegaa ….. isliye puch ra haa hu

Ans. First send your chest  picture, do your blood test, book your slot then we can do surgery. Pre plan everything before then we can do surgery

  1. Sir surgery k time gland preserve karte ho ? to avoid a depression near stitches..

Ans. I do not leave the extra glandular tissue.  It is not gland, depression in normal tissue, when gland left it regrows. Gland is hard, there is no depression, the normal tissue is left after surgery and it is not gland

  1. Q. ​Sir Kuch Dikkat Hoti Hai Kal ko To Aapse Directly Contact Kar Sakte Hai

Ans. Yes, you can contact directly

  1. Sir Gyno Return To nhi Hota Surgery Ke Baad

Ans. No, it doesn’t return after surgery

  1. sir agar me surgery ke baad supplement lu gym jaau to kya ye baapas aa sakti h

Ans. When gland is not left then it cannot grow, muscles are built by taking supplements

  1. what about steroids or anabolics after surgery ? will it grow again?

Ans. No, it won’t regrow. Don’t take these steroids for long terms. It has overall not good for health it has lots of other side effect. If the fat and gland are removed it will not grow again

​Q. Sir after abd. liposuction what are the chances of love handles coming again, fat on stomach is understandable but plzz explain about side fat.

Ans. Fat cell will increase and number will not increase size will increase. Studies have proven that fat  which will come will be propionate , the remaining cell size will increase. If you maintain your healthy diet then your fat will not come again. Because of liposuction there will be no fat.

  1. ​Sirr surgery hone ke baadh Pain jyadhaa hotha hai kyaaa….

Ans. No, there is not much pain after surgery.  We give painkillers, antibiotics and medicines.

  1. sir mujhe tumor type feel. hota h nipples. ke neeche

Ans. This is the glandular tissue.

  1. sirrrr surgery ke douraan patient hosh me hotha hai yaaa neendh me hotha hai…..?

Ans. Patient is sleeping at the time of surgery he will not come to know what has happened during surgery.

  1. Sir What’s The Difference Between Local And General Anesthesia

Ans. Local anaesthesia is given on a particular body part and general anaesthesia is given for whole body.

​Q. ​sir kya gynocomestia wapia ho jata h kya

Ans. No, gynecomastia doesn’t recur again

  1. Doctor g lipoma Ek bare Remove karte hai Jo ap surgery karte after this again ho skhta hai multiple lipmo ho to????

Ans. Lipoma once removed doesn’t  come back again.

  1. sirrr hair transplant bhi kartha hai aaaap….?

Ans. Yes, we do hair transplant

  1. sir agar koi surgery nahi karwata hai gland nahi remove karwata hai to kya ye gland aage koi problem karta hai future

Ans.  No, it will not effect. I will your mind.

  1. Q. ​sir kya woh tumor aap. remove lr skte ho aur woh wapis toh. nhi hoga

Ans. Yes, we can remove the tumor  and if it is a mostly gyno

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