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🔴 Live🔴 Sawal Jawab With Dr Prashant .Q &A Plastic Surgeon @Dezire Clinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the  questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during this live session were:

​ Q. sir masturbation se pimples hote h kya?

Ans. There are lots of myth of masturabation, on infertility, sexual activity there is no effect on because gynecomastia.  It is not needed to cure, if it is not a disease how it is to be cured no disease occur of it

  1. sir gynecomastiya Ka Kitna cost h sir?

Ans. Send your front and side view of your chest, front view side view

  1. sir ye Jo video uploaded hote hai wo kha se hote h Delhi ya Pune?

Ans. Our team collect your video and they post it

  1. ​scar rivison ka cost kitna hai sir

Ans. Send your scar picture and mention detail then I will tell u the cost

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. all dr god in earth

Ans. I don’t consider myself as God, I m a normal human being

  1. Q. ​sir after lipoma surgery ka pain kab tak rehta hai

Ans. Pain will be there for 2-3 days after that no pain

​Q. ​do you surgery for flat nose?

Ans, Rhinoplasty is done, to improve nose shape tip, hump, wide or narrow nose is corrected. Please send your pic

​Q. ​hlo sir mtf surjary k bare me kuch batayein plz

Ans. We do Top and bottom surgery.  We place Silicone implant we create vagina. You  need psychiatric reference and some hormonal treatment is needed

​Q. sir i have done gyno surgery 1 week ago ab mera left nipple area puffyness create kar raha hai just like previous puffy nipple now what to do sir????🙏🙏

Ans. Puffiness 2weeks is normal, you don’t have to do anything this is part of surgery part of healing process. You should wear garments.

  1. sir hair transplant karunga to furtur me ko kohi risk he kiya?

Ans.  No risk with hair transplantation, you don’t need to worry.  It is done under local anaesthesia, it is we 100% effective we assure you this. No problem in future

​Q. ​arpit fat hogaya hai. abhi feeding chalu hai. treatment ho jayega.

Ans. Tell me  from how many month you have started feeding. We do under local anaesthesia we only prescribe painkiller. Feeding is only avoided for 4 hours, drugs given during sedation goes through kidney and liver. We do the surgery during feeding and complete of feeding

  1. sir surgery ke liye kitna din pahle apply krna padega

Ans. If you are planning to do surgery with time book it before

  1. sir mujko gyano hai aur mujko right side Chest me pain bhi hota kya ye gyano ki wajah se hai kya sir

Ans. Yes, there is pain in gyno if glandular tissue is more and vascular. By pressing hard it can be painful

  1. sir if i remove all lipomas in my body then it came back or came in other parts in our body sir plz

Ans.It is not possible, lipomas will not come back at that place. Lipoma is genetically predetermined it will definitely come, it doesn’t go away by pressing the lipoma I remove it completely. No medicines, herbal treatment is there to remove lipoma

  1. sir i am skinny fat can i choose liposuction my lovehandle to much fat

Ans.  If you think u are skinny then only we can do liposuction, for stubborn fat only liposuction is developed. Liposuction is not for morbid obese, it is for sculpting and h-definition

  1. prp (p shot) treatment available hai kya aapke hospital me

Ans. We do PRP alon and PRP with GFC there

  1. Q. ​sir meri surgery ko 15days ho gyi hai nipple area main hardness or sunapan hai…

Ans. It will take 1 to 3 months to  overcome hardness and stiffness in your chest region. You don’t need to be worried

​Q. ​scar rivison karane k bad stitches ka mark invisible ho jata hai ya nhi

Ans. The marks after scar revision is initially visible.  You can use silicone gel scar is improved with it. We do it in a way that the marks are invisible for improving it we can improve by laser

​Q. sir merri surgery ko 2october ko 1month ho jayega Kya m running start kar sakta hu chest shape m chest hilna ki vajha se shape me Koi problem to nhi hogi running K time

Ans. Anesthesia effect immediately subsides after surgwery. You can do running, exercise,

  1. Q. ​sir agar m pehla bajaina fhir brest ki surjary karo to hoga kya sir brest k koi size hy kya

Ans. You can do vagina surgery and breast size can be selected according to you. vagina surgery has no relation with it

  1. ​sir agr TB h jiska treatment chl r h… to kya top surgery kra skte h kiya?????

Ans. If your physician has told you about treatment then u can go for surgery what air anaesthesia advise you can go for surgery

  1. gunecomastia surgery k baad kitne din bedrest jaroori hai

Ans. Bed rest is needed for one or two days when there is surgery,

  1. Agar chest m fat wali jagah seroma ban jae Sujan ban jae to kitni din n jaege doctor

Ans. Little bit seroma is common and if remains for minimum 14 days after that it starts to reduce, it takes one month to reduce seroma

  1. Q. ​Kya workout se seroma katam ho jata h kya

Ans, With workout seroma will be reduce on its own

​Q. sir surgery k bad fir se ho sakta h Ganocomastiya

Ans. No it doesn’t occur after surgery

  1. ​sir muje physician se kha milna hoga…. apne home town me ya Delhi me hi…. or sir TB 1st stage me h….. 2month bad hi negative report agyi th… abhi 4 month hogye treatment ko

Ans.  You consult your physician in your city only, if you tell it is negative then there is no need of physician certificate

  1. sir to right wla nipple ek dam zabardast look aa raha hai or left wala kiu pehle he jesa look aa raha hai aisa lag raha h ki kuch surgery he nhi huwa mera😭😭

Ans.  You send your pic we will assess you. please contact our team

  1. sir kya love handle ke fat ko puri tara disapear kr sckte h ???

Ans. We remove all extra fat from love handle. Vaser liposuction body sculpting, definition, fat removal, contouring

​Q. ​​sir kya gym jaane se gyno theek ho skta hai

Ans. No, your gyno will not be cured by going to gym.

  1. ​Dr sahib Gynecomastia ka ilaj he

Ans. Gynecomastia surgery is the only treatment for Gynecomastia which removes fat and glands.

​ Q. sir fat and gland ko decompose kaise krte ho 🙄

Ans. We give it to the bio waste for decomposing it

​ Q. can subcutaneous fat be removed from absolutely any part of the body? even ankles, forearms, etc

ir I am having 100+ lipomas and I am diabetic with HBA1C of 8.5 . Can I do Liposuction ?

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