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FUE & FUT – What’s the difference?

In recent years there has been an increasing the number of men and women seeking cosmetic surgery for transplant to tackle hair loss concerns. The hair loss condition affects nearly 50% of women and over 40% of men below the age of35 65% for men over 65, and it is not surprising that people are in search of a solution called as Hair Transplant.

There are two different types of hair transplants are available to patients such as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). But knowing the differences between these two will help you to find the most appropriate solution to meet your hair loss problem.


What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

FUE is the most common technique of hair replacement. In this individual follicular unit is extracted from the back of your head scalp and implanted to the front side of the head called as recipient area. It is more time-consuming process but avoids linear scar which is the advantage over FUT.


What is Follicular Unit Transplant?

FUT is a general term which means Follicular Unit Transplant. The term is used to describe a technique whereby a strip of scalp is extracted from the permanent donor area of the scalp. The wound is closed using small surgical staples. The excised unit is converted into the follicular unit in two stages stereomicroscopic dissection process.


FUT and FUE- The Benefits

FUT and FUE both procedures have high success rates as a hair loss solution, there are various different benefits of the procedures, which may help you to take the decision on which one to choose.


Benefits of FUE:

  • Absence of linear scar
  • Fast Healing
  • Minimal Postoperative discomfort
  • Natural look
  • Large harvesting area


Benefits of FUT:

  • The Strip Excision step is an impeccable one
  • It gives a greater number of grafts
  • The permanent hair roots are achieve
  • It is scar less technique
  • Do not need to shave the total scalp area for the procedure

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