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Fillers Can Make It Happen

Ever dreamed of having perfect fuller lips or getting rid of those stubborn scars on your face or on any other body part?

Then fillers is the answer to all you desire for, different types of fillers are available for different areas. Fillers can give you the confidence with lip augmentation, cheeks augmentation, improving scars, treating signs of ageing, etc…

There are different types of fillers available:

  • Bovine collagen ( zyplast, zyderm)
  • Fat cells harvested from your body
  • Hyaluronic acid ( Restylane, Juvederm, Captique)
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite
  • Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), etc…

No particular filler can fix all the problems so there are varieties of fillers meeting different problems. Fillers can treat all the facial problems like lines & wrinkles, cheek augmentation, if you love fuller lips then lip augmentation is best suited treatment, for scar revision fillers are the best. The procedure just involves local anesthesia to numb the particular area to avoid any pain or discomfort associated, the fillers are injected into that targeted area of the skin. From artificial-chemical fillers to natural fillers like PRP is used for best results.

For body parts other than face fillers are injected like in butt augmentation body fat is used as filler and injected into the butt area for a lifted and fuller look. Even for breast enhancement some opt for fat injected fillers, this gives you a natural look with no risk involved.

At Dezire Clinic, we offer fillers treatment for all the concerns listed above with expertise and best results. You feel more confident with these fillers once done as they provide you with a very natural result and there is no risk factor involved in this, thought the duration of fillers is different for every area and also touch-up is required for long run results as the effect doesn’t lasts for life. Natural and chemical both types of fillers need the touch-up depending on their duration.

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M.S., M.Ch. (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery)
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